2018 Trail Race Series

Who doesn't like being rewarded for doing races you were going to run anyway???

There are 3 trail races in the The Active Joe family of events:

(Road races also produced by The Active Joe are not part of the Trail Race Series.See the Road Race Series here for getting rewarded for running our road races.)

And we want to reward those who love to join us for fun events all year! Our 2017 Trail Race Series provides a custom medal display for completing any timed distance at ALL THREE of The Active Joe's trail races listed above! And if you know our events, we value quality race medals, and this will be no exception!

Register with One Click!

We are in the process of setting up the 2017 Series signup with a registration page with Athlete360 if you want to register with the ease of one-click for our most popular distance combos at the 3 events! REGISTER NOW...

Trail Series benefits include:

  • Trailrunning adventure on three of the best trails that North Texas has to offer
  • Guaranteed lowest price tier for upcoming races
  • Custom medal display to commemorate completion of The Active Joe Trail Series
  • Convenient one-time registration for multiple events

It would be cumbersome to create and manage one-click registration for all distance combos at the 3 events (that's 64 combinations!). But you can always make your own combo by registering for the races individually and you'll still be counted in the series.

There are four options to complete The Active Joe Trail Series:

1)       ULTRA: You completed Rough Creek 40 miler, Dinosaur Valley 100K, Cross Timbers 50 miler - includes the cost of the finisher item

2)       MARATHON+: You completed Rough Creek Marathon, Dinosaur Valley 50K, Cross Timbers Marathon - includes the cost of the finisher item

3)       HALF: You completed Rough Creek Half, Dinosaur Valley Half, Cross Timbers Half - includes the cost of the finisher item

4)       CUSTOM: Just the cost of the finisher item for the series - You complete any race distance at Rough Creek, complete any race distance at Dinosaur Valley, complete any distance at Cross Timbers*

*If you complete option 4, you must still register in order to receive the customer series finisher item ($20 cost).

Other Details

When you finish the race at Cross Timbers, we'll then place the order and mail the item 4 weeks later when it comes in. That way we don't guess quantities to order.

And remember that the Series finisher item is yours regardless of which distance you run at all those races. The Series finisher item is to reward your involvement year-round with The Active Joe, and distance is irrelevant when it comes to that!

You must complete the race with a recorded race result for it to be included in the count for the Trail Race Series. Our refund policies for each race still apply, so if life happens, you can still get a refund for that portion of the entry fee for that event, even if you registered using the one-click. The finisher item cost is not refundable.

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