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Active Joe to Sponsor Western States Endurance Run for Sixth Year in a Row

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Frisco, Texas – Race production and running outreach company The Active Joe moves into its sixth year as a sponsor of the Western States Endurance Run and is excited to announce Kelli Coleman of Dallas, Texas as its 2019 sponsored athlete.

The Western States Endurance Run is the oldest and most well-known 100 mile race in the United States, running along the Western States Trail from Squaw Valley, California, to end in Auburn, California. The Active Joe owner Libby Jones attended and volunteered at the 2012 race and fell in love with the event. A race producer herself, Jones was also impressed with the mission of the non-profit Western States Endurance Run Foundation. In addition to helping set standards in the organization of 100-mile endurance events, they promote trail stewardship and emphasize their role through maintenance and support of the Western States trail. The WSER Foundation also supports medical research into ultrarunning that helps the sport and the community.

As part of the sponsorship, The Active Joe chooses a sponsored athlete each year from the qualified runners who apply to the lottery, and the chosen individual receives an automatic entry. For 2019, Kelli Coleman, of Dallas, TX, will be representing The Active Joe.

Rocky Racoon 100 miler USATF Championship 4th place female finisher (Kelli on the left)

Kelli Coleman is without a doubt a remarkable "average joe who gets active" (which is how The Active Joe got its name). She has been a driven and dedicated recreational athlete for much of her life. Her father was a runner, and she grew up trailing him on a bike before she could accompany him by foot. She was a collegiate triathlete and competed in the USAT collegiate championships. She earned her ticket into this year's Western States lottery by qualifying at the 2018 Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler, produced by Tejas Trails, where she placed 4th female in the USATF 100 Mile Championship.

Additionally, Kelli balances being a wife, a mother, an employee, and a student! Her wife Jessy often paces her at ultras, and her stepchildren Eden and Aiden, as well as Jessy, also volunteer regularly. Kelli recently began working for a third party logistics company learning a new business trade and has gone back to school to get a second Bachelors in accounting. Kelli is pursuing her dream of doing accounting work for non profits that support sustainability practices and promote outdoor lifestyles. 

Kelli (right) and wife Jessy (left) volunteering to clear trail for the 2018 Rough Creek Trail Run, produced by The Active Joe

Kelli lives in Dallas, Texas, which is the metroplex that serves as homebase for The Active Joe's race events, and she has been very involved in The Active Joe's races as both a volunteer and a runner. She ran her first trail marathon at The Active Joe's Cross Timbers Marathon in 2017 (placing 7th overall female). She then helped mark the race course for the 2017 Rough Creek Trail Run, before going on to place 2nd female at the 40 miler at that same race on race day.

At the 2017 Dinosaur Valley Endurance Run, she placed 2nd female in the 100K. She volunteered at the 2018 Cross Timbers Marathon while her wife ran the race. And then she volunteered again to help clear trail and mark the race course for the 2018 Rough Creek Trail Run, and then her whole family volunteered for the race. Kelli is signed up for the 100 miler at this year's Dinosaur Valley Endurance Run, which is December 1.

2nd place female finisher at the 2018 Dinosaur Valley 100K

Kelli also has a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She greets other runners she encounters on the trail with kindness and empathy. She has shown that she will push through adversity in all spheres of her life to get to her goal and always considers herself an underdog in her endeavors.

"I want to put myself before yet another wall, prepare to hit many new obstacles, and dive in deep with my head underwater and undertake the adventure that is the Western States Endurance Run," says Coleman. "I want to do this to show my step children that we can always keep growing as athletes and as people, to share a life changing experience with my wife, and prove to all the athletes I have known across many different disciplines of sport, that it’s okay to be an underdog. It’s okay to not always win, as long as you lead with your whole heart."

Kelli during the 2018 Dinosaur Valley 100K Photo credit: Bryan McKenney

“I’m happy that we can continue to support this historic ultrarunning event and therefore support the sport as well,” Jones said. “I look forward to seeing Kelli's infectiously upbeat attitude through the mountainous miles of Western States in June!”

Info on Past Sponsored Athletes:

The Active Joe was founded in 2008 with the mission of providing running outreach to the local community. The organization produces 3 trail events, including North Texas' first 100 mile running event, the Dinosaur Valley Endurance Run 100 Mile, 50 Mile, 50K, Half Marathon, and 5 Mile each fall. The company also has 4 road events and between road and trail, the company caters to 7,000 participants annually. All events are located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. Owner Libby Jones has been an active member of the leadership of the Dallas-Fort Worth running community for many years and is an avid ultrarunner herself. For more information go to

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