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Dino Valley Endurance Run Campsite Reservations

Dino Valley Endurance Run Campsite Reservations

The campsite money goes straight to the State Park. No money is retained by The Active Joe. We are merely managing the campsites to take the burden off the State Park for race weekend and to ensure the public isn't taking all the campsites.


This camping is only available to those registered already for the Dinosaur Valley Endurance Run or associated with the race (volunteers, crew, pacers, spectators).


You will have to drive to the start line from these campsites - these campsites are inside the main entrance of the State Park, and the race takes place through a totally separate back gate into the park about a 10 minute drive away.

Option 1: Official Campsites with Hookups: We have 44 water and electric campsites with pads for $22 a night inside the State Park. These sites must be reserved with us as the State Park has given us all the campsites for our runners. We will assign the spots and let the park know so when you check in at the main office to get your tag to put on your campsite, then they'll be expecting you. Each site has picnic table, water hookup, electric hookup, 30 amp hookup, and fire ring and/or grill. These campsites are for RV or tent camping, but you can get the spot if you just have a vehicle and want to set up a tent on the concrete pad. RVs, motorhomes, and towable trailers are limited to 30 FEET long. For longer rigs, use the Dinosaur Valley RV Park located just outside the main entrance to the state park. 


With option 1, any family and friends over age 13 staying with the person will have to pay the $8 park day-use fee when they arrive unless they are also registered participants in the race (because we pay that day-use fee out of your entry fee).


Option 2: Tent-Only Group Campsite (Pick a Spot) Near Bathrooms/Showers: There are tents-only group campsites (Sauropod and Theropod) located next to the water/electric hookup loop that is still easy walking distance to showers/bathrooms. The cost to you for us to reserve is $7 PER CAMPER per night. It's a nice alternative when hookup campsites (Option 1) is sold out or if you want a low cost simple tent camping option. It is only for our group, so you'll be able to pick among our specific area's open spaces, shade trees, and picnic tables, to set up your tent and camp set-up! All first come, first served on finding a spot to pitch your tent. 


Every camper needs to be registered with us, option 2 is PER PERSON over age 13. If you put multiple quantity, I'll be emailing to get names of all those camping.


Option 3: Car Camping: This is a change from 2023! There is no overnight camping Friday night in the car at the race site. We have 25 spots available that can be purchased for $7 a person in a parking lot in Dinosaur Valley State Park (it's the rectangular lot marked P in the map in the center at the top by the river). So it's the same cost as the tent-only group campsite but ONLY available if you plan to sleep in your car. You can not set up outside the confines of your car. For Saturday night, you can sleep in your car in the parking field. There is no resource for sleeping in your car Sunday night unless you want to buy a Sunday night electric hookup campsite.


Every camper needs to be registered with us, option 3 is PER PERSON over age 13. If you put multiple quantity, I'll be emailing to get names of all those camping.


Other General Details for All Options:

  • When you arrive at Dinosaur Valley’s Headquarters Office, provide staff with your name, they have the attached camping spreadsheet, check in for your campsite with them, and pick-up your “Window Permit”. Those in the race will be on their participant list and won’t have to pay a park entry fee (your race entry fee covers you!). Should you have family or friends camping with you or aren’t in the race, at check-in time you will pay their fee of $8.00 per day for each person that is 13 years of age and older. Please be mindful of quiet times of 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
  • Check-in is 2 pm. Check-out is 12 pm.
  • If you will be arriving before Friday or staying after Monday morning, please reserve your campsite with the State Park, and then immediately notify me of what campsite number you have by emailing me at . I will try if I can to keep you from having to move campsites for race weekend if I haven't already assigned that spot to someone!
  • Refunds

    Absolutely no refunds for any circumstances. We found in the past that managing refunds on top of managing the actual race was a ton of extra work, and with late refund requests close to race day, we weren't filling those spots and that meant money that the park didn't get that weekend.

  • Cancelations

    If you find you won't need your site, please email and let us know so maybe someone else can use it! There are still no refunds for cancelation.

  • Shipping

    Choose "Pickup at The Active Joe event" so you aren't charged for shipping!

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