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Upgraded Dino Valley Silver Buckle

Upgraded Dino Valley Silver Buckle

NOTE: READ BELOW - You are buying the limited time ability to EARN this upgraded buckle. Deadline to order the 2024 upgraded buckle is August 1, 2024.


Finishers of Dinosaur Valley Endurance Run in the 100K and 100 mile receive a buckle at the finish line. The standard buckle is beautiful, but for those who want an upgraded buckle, we offer this handcrafted buckle! This is a silver plated buckle that has the race logo in the center. The buckle measures 3" inches tall by 4" inches wide. The back of the buckle has a hook for your belt hole. It also has a swivel bar to attach to your belt.


This buckle will be reserved with your name on it for TWO YEARS from when you pay for it. So by ordering by August 1, you must earn it at either the 2024 or 2025 race. At that point, the buckle goes back into the inventory for purchase by other future racers.


You may only purchase a buckle for the distance you are signed up for - 100 miles or 100K.

If you run the 100 mile and pass the 100K mark and do not finish the full 100 miles, you will get the standard 100K buckle, NOT an upgraded 100K buckle.


For those who finish the 100 miles under 24 hours, we will have reserved an upgraded 100 mile buckle for you, so we will then need to order you an "Under 24 Hours" upgraded buckle. This will take 7-10 weeks to receive. You can take a picture with the buckle on that race day, but you will not have a buckle to take home for that 7-10 weeks.


100 mile and 100K buckles are to be collected on race day when you finish the distance you are registered for.


This buckle WILL replace the standard buckle; you can not collect multiple buckles in a given race year.

  • Refunds

    There will be absolutely no refunds, including if you cancel your race entry, if you change your race distance, if you do not finish the distance you are registered for, if you do not attend the race, or if you do not earn your registered distance's buckle within the next 2 race years.

  • Shipping

    Choose "Pickup at The Active Joe event" so you aren't charged for shipping!

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