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The Active Joe
LGBTQIA2S+ Athletes are Actively Invited and Supported


Here at The Active Joe, it is important to me to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all athletes, free from unfair discrimination and where you can feel that you are celebrated for being yourself. Details about the 8 Driving Principles that drive how The Active Joe operates are available here...


The Active Joe is trying to bring people to events where they feel cared for and safe.

Read on and we highlight which of our 8 Driving Principles are fulfilled by each of these items:

Inclusivity and a Welcoming Environment

We create hand-written "shoutouts" for some of our races when we have time, which showcase diverse faces in pictures and experiences in the stories our participants let us share. This is a way we can encourage more diversity into the sport by showing that all are not just welcome, they're actively invited.

Equity for Others - Because Representation Matters!

We have partnered with the Trail Mix Fund, an organization who fundraises to cover the entry fees for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC athletes who wouldn’t otherwise get to race. For simplicity of management, currently the Trail Mix Fund opportunity is only available with the Dinosaur Valley Endurance Run in The Active Joe race series.


A Supporter of LGBTQ2SIA+ Charities

We are a past donor to The Trevor Project, an organization which aims to provide suicide prevention resources to LGBTQ2SIA+ youth.


I'm Available To Listen!

If anyone has any questions or ideas, please contact me at

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