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The Active Joe
Non-Binary Athletes are Actively Invited and Supported

Here at The Active Joe, it is important to me to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all athletes, free from unfair discrimination and where you can feel that you are celebrated for being yourself. Details about the 8 Driving Principles that drive how The Active Joe operates are available here...


In September 2022, we introduced our "Non-Binary Athlete Entrant Policy." This policy covers 3 areas, Inclusivity, Registration Process, and Timing Process, for athletes whose gender is not male or female, including but not limited to: genderqueer, agender, bigender. We have now expanded that into this website page that helps everyone, non-binary and binary athletes both, understand how we value the experience of each of our populations at our races, and in this case, our non-binary athlete population!

Read on and we highlight which of our 8 Driving Principles are fulfilled by each of these items:


Inclusivity and a Welcoming Environment

I will use They/Them pronouns as a default for any athletes registered in the Non-Binary gender category. Should your pronouns differ from this, please let me know as I always want to endeavor to use the right ones!

Clothing doesn't have a gender! In increasing inclusivity for all shapes, sizes, and gender identities, for several years now, we offer race shirts without gendered descriptions. We have moved away from the industry standard of “men’s” versus “women’s” sizing of race shirts. During registration, you have the option of “Relaxed Fit” and “Fitted” in all instances where the manufacturer is creating men’s versus women’s sized garments. 

Equity for Others - Because Representation Matters!

We understand that non-binary athletes have had to be misgendered in race results historically which can result in less participation in a sport that has been hugely binary in the past. We have partnered with the Trail Mix Fund, an organization who fundraises to cover the entry fees for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC athletes who wouldn’t otherwise get to race. For simplicity of management, currently the Trail Mix Fund opportunity is only available with the Dinosaur Valley Endurance Run in The Active Joe race series.

Podium awards are offered as deeply in the non-binary gender category as they are awarded in the male and female gender categories.


Communication of Expectations for their Wonderful Race Experience

Before race day, I endeavor to send this information to all athletes who have indicated they want to participate in the Non-Binary division so they have awareness of how their data will be treated and that we are actively inviting them into this event.

How Data is Handled in the Registration Process: Both the Ultrasignup system for our trail races and the RunSignup system for our road races asks you to choose from Male, Female, and Non-Binary for the gender field when you set up your profile. 


How Data is Handled in the Race Timing Process: We will use the gender field as provided during the registration process. Athletes in this category who choose "Non-Binary" for their gender will be included in overall results showing a gender of Non-Binary and will be shown in a separate “Non-Binary” division in division results. We will offer equivalent overall podium awards as offered in Male and Female divisions.


If an athlete would like to be included in a division that is eligible for age group awards, they must notify us by email about which of the following options they want used for their timing (these options are consistent with our Transgender Athlete Entrant Policy as well):

• An entrant can be included in the award divisions as a female provided the athlete was assigned female at birth and has not begun hormone treatment that includes testosterone or any other banned substance, or if an athlete was assigned male at birth but has been undergoing continuous, medically supervised estrogen hormone treatment for at least one year prior to the race. (This matches our Transgender Entrant Policy already in place.)

• An entrant can be included in the award divisions as a male with no restrictions.

• In these instances, you will not be shown as Non-Binary in the overall results unfortunately as the timing system would require your gender to read as the award division you are participating in to make the results show up.

Feeling Safe and Secure is Important for All Athletes!

Any comment or statement, written or verbal, that marginalizes or denigrates an athlete based upon race, gender, gender identity, or sexuality and occurs on The Active Joe moderated Facebook pages or groups or at The Active Joe events will not be tolerated and may lead to a one year ban from any The Active Joe events.

I'm Available To Listen!

If anyone has any questions, please contact me at

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