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The Active Joe
Athletes with Disabilities and Impairments are Actively Invited and Supported


Here at The Active Joe, it is important to me to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all athletes, free from unfair discrimination and where you can feel that you are celebrated for being yourself. Details about the 8 Driving Principles that drive how The Active Joe operates are available here...


The Active Joe recognizes that pursuing road and trail racing carries with it some potential obstacles for those with impairments and disabilities. We want as many people as people to be able to be active as possible on our race courses. We think about these things and then actively pursue initiatives that support our older athletes in the sport!

Read on and we highlight which of our 8 Driving Principles are fulfilled by each of these items:


Working with our Athletes

Athletes with disabilities who can still walk or run the course are welcome. If you have any questions about accessibility for any given race, please email us here at so we can discuss if we can make it happen! Some courses do have accessibility limitations for some disabilities.

Trekking pole use is not only allowed but encouraged for those who need it.

Athletes with visual impairments may have a guide on course at all times if requested before the race so they can wear a pacer bib and sign a waiver. Guides must wear clothing that indicates they are a guide. These athletes may use a tether. Please submit your request to the Race Director before race week.

Athletes with a documented vestibular / motion / balance disorders may request to have a pacer for their entire race. Please submit your request to the Race Director before race week.

Leg prosthetics may be used for amputees.

Currently, none of The Active Joe's race courses are suitable for athletes with wheelchairs.

Athletes with disabilities must complete the courses within the posted cutoffs.


I'm Available To Listen!

If anyone has any questions or ideas, please contact me at

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