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Dinosaur Valley Race Guide


Thank you to everyone who came to the 2022 event. We had 400 finishers, and we were able to donate $1,000 to the Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association, who helps maintain local trails for pedestrian and mountain bike users!

We are always looking to improve the event. We put in a lot of great improvements the last 2 years, and here are the following changes for the 2023 race from a logistics and an inclusivity point of view.

Changes from the 2022 event to the 2023 event - LOGISTICS:

  • 100 Milers will do 5 mile loop last now! The course itself isn't changing, but the 100 Miler will now have the 5 mile loop moved to the end of their race so that if they drop down to the 100K, then the distances and timed splits on our live results will still be accurate since the first 6 loops are the same for both races.

  • Change to Midrace Dropdowns! 100 Milers can drop down to the 100K midrace, but that will be the only dropdowns allowed. Allowing all dropdown options last time was a logistical nightmare for my volunteers, so we have to limit it for our sanity.

  • Adding a Split Timing Mat when you leave Valley Village / Cedar Brake Aid Station: This will just help the timing and give friends and family at home a better idea of your splits by removing the time at the cedar brake aid station. Especially in the overnight hours, sometimes runners take a nap in their cars, and then it makes their next split look off, so this will alleviate that too.

  • Valley Village is growing! Our crewing area grew so much last year, filled with canopy tents and lively crews. We're renaming it Valley Village. We plan to put in some more formal marked walkways through the area. And we had to add a "Leave No Trace" reminder. Leave the area as you found it. This includes not digging holes to create a fire pit. Also, no wood burning fires.

  • Dedicated drop bag area at Cedar Brake aid station! If you don't have a dedicated crew or a bigger allocated space in the Valley Village, there will be a tarp area by the aid station for you to access your drop bag.

Changes from the 2022 event to the 2023 event - INCLUSIVITY:

  • New Uterine Change Refund Policy! Unlike most races, we offer partial refunds all the way up to 2 days before race. Especially after having COVID enter all our lives, a refund policy that encourages people not to come to the race sick is always a good idea. We also recognize that life happens, and you should be able to dream big and commit to a race early and know that your money isn't just going to be lost if things change. I'm not a fan of deferrals because I would much rather you be holding on to a lot of your money for an extra year instead of me. We're also a race company focused on equity and inclusivity. So while some races have started to offer a Pregnancy Deferral Policy, I am thinking we'll take it one step further to create even more equity when training and racing can come with extra complications for those with female reproductive systems because those individuals can go through physical and emotional changes that make training or racing more difficult to plan for and more difficult to accomplish! Our Uterine Change Refund Policy says that if you have an expected or unexpected start or end to a pregnancy after registering for the race and you need to cancel your entry, we'll refund 100% of your entry fee, not subject to our usual admin fee listed in the Refunds section. Email us and cite the policy - no additional info has to be volunteered, we trust our runners this offer won't be abused - and we'll get that refund to you.

  • Guía de Corredores en Español! We'll be offering the Runners' Manual (the final set of all race details available a couple weeks before the race) in Spanish this year to help our Spanish-speaking runners! Big thanks to past 100 mile finisher Maria Castillo for helping us with this effort.

  • Have other ideas for how to help you feel safe and welcome at our event? Email .

A Few of the Many Reasons to Run 100 Miles at Dino Valley

  1. Uh, it's a freaking belt buckle with a dinosaur skull and the state of Texas on it? Hell yeah!!  

  2. With two way traffic in portions of the course, participants are amazing at boosting each other's spirits.

  3. You see your crew every 10.5 miles!

  4. You get a pacer starting at mile 47.

  5. Participants age 60 and over may have a pacer from the start of the race to the finish with permission ahead of time by the Race Director.

  6. While out on the loop, there is nowhere to drop, so you might as well keep moving.

  7. It's technical but not too technical (some rocks, some super smooth); it has hills but not too many hills (total gain is 6000 ft)!

  8. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is a hub for American Airlines, and the airport operates more flights than any other hub on the planet, so there is probably a flight from your area! We also have Dallas Love Field Airport which is a hub for Southwest Airlines.

  9. You never pay any permit or parking fees on top of your entry fee.

  10. You get professional photography out on the course to catch all those great moments during the race!


Current State of the Race Because of COVID-19 and Germs in General

It's incredibly important to me to keep the participants, my volunteers, myself, and the local residents all safe and healthy. With vaccines being so effective and additional studies released showing outdoor transmission is incredibly low, we removed a lot of the COVID protocols in 2021 that we had needed back in 2020. However, we remain flexible for making changes as the climate surrounding COVID-19 changes.


Please don’t attend if you are having any COVID-19, cold, strep throat, or flu symptoms. I offer partial refunds up through Thursday night of race week. Please remember that there are immunocompromised people racing and volunteering (and race directing!) – let’s avoid passing something on! We’ll also have hand sanitizer at the start/finish and at the aid stations. Please use it regularly. Use utensils provided to get snacks from the containers at the aid stations. Masks are not required as all evidence continues to show that outdoor transmission is very rare. But please continue to try to socially distance where possible.

Please practice COVID-mitigation during any travel to and from this event. We want to eliminate any possibilities for the coronavirus to spread before, during or after this event. If we all cooperate, we can continue to host safe events.


  • Friday, November 17, 2023 - 12:00 pm - You can enter the parking field starting at this time. Note that you can only sleep at that location if you are sleeping in your car or staying in an RV (which must be parked back along the edges of the field). Absolutely no tent camping. Crew canopies can be set up in the designated crewing area. Please stake them down well in case there is bad weather overnight. There will be no supervision in the crewing area so set-up and leave things at your own risk.

  • Friday, November 17, 2023 - 2:00 pm - Those camping at the state park will be able to get their campsite beginning at this time.

  • Friday, November 117, 2023 - 10:00 pm - Lights out and all quiet in the camping area and start/finish area so our participants can be fresh for their race in the morning.

  • Saturday, November 18, 2023 - 6 am – Packet pickup begins for Saturday participants. 

  • Saturday, November 18, 2023 - 7 am – 100 mile and 100K starts.

  • Saturday, November 18, 2023 - 8 am – 50K / 25K / 5 Mile for all those who want to run that day. So much flexibility! Those in the 50K, 25K, and 5 Mile can run on either Saturday or Sunday. For 50Kers doing Sunday, please keep an eye on cutoffs which you must still meet. You can decide up until the last minute, and you don't have to tell us ahead of time which day you will run. Our timing system will start recording you when you start either day! Please only pick up your packet on the day you are running so that you don't accidentally have your timing chip read by the timing system near the start line. Results will be combined after both days of races, and awards mailed out.

  • Sunday, November 19, 2023 - 7 am – Packet pickup begins for Sunday participants. 

  • Sunday, November 19, 2023 - 8 am – 50K / 25K / 5 Mile for all those who want to run that day. So much flexibility! Those in the 50K, 25K, and 5 Mile can run on either Saturday or Sunday. For 50Kers doing Sunday, please keep an eye on cutoffs which you must still meet. You can decide up until the last minute, and you don't have to tell us ahead of time which day you will run. Our timing system will start recording you when you start either day! Please only pick up your packet on the day you are running so that you don't accidentally have your timing chip read by the timing system near the start line. Results will be combined after both days of races, and awards mailed out.

  • Sunday, November 19, 2023 - 2 pm - all participants must have started their final loop (mile 89.5 for 100 milers)

  • Sunday, November 19, 2023 - 5 pm – last incremental cutoff for all distances approximately 2.5 miles from the finish.

Note that sunrise is 7:05 am and sunset is 5:27 pm, so plan accordingly to bring a headlamp/flashlight.


Get ready to run in Dino Valley! The race is held at the beautiful Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas. This course has rolling and sustained ascents and descents, although none are terribly steep. The loops take you through varied terrain, from double track trails in fields to single track in wooded areas. There is a mix of packed dirt, smaller rocks, larger rocks, slick rock, and some roots. There are NO river crossings (the 2016 and 2017 courses had crossings). This course really has a little of everything, which includes its views. There are amazing overlooks on this course where you can see for miles.


The race is through a back gate into the State Park that is only accessible during race weekend. Do NOT map to the State Park or you will be in the wrong place. To access parking, car camping, AND the start/finish, use the following address: 4004 Co Rd 1007, Glen Rose, TX 76043. Since you can't always trust GPS / map software, please use these directions as you approach the area:

The back gate to the park is located five miles west of Glen Rose.

  • Take U.S. Highway 67 S through Glen Rose

  • Turn Right on to Hereford St/56 N (then go 4 Miles)

  • Turn Left onto CO RD 1007 (then go 2.7 Miles)

  • There will be a gate on your left.

Click on the map for a bigger version.

Dino Parking.jpg

Parking is FREE. There will be a parking pass in your packet that is only needed for the main park entrance (not where the race is). Put it on your windshield if you will want to go over to the park's main gates before, during, or after the race and not have to pay entry over there. This is great for your family to enjoy the parks, your crew to access you at one of the aid stations, and you can use the park's restrooms and campground showers before and after the race! Family and friends will need to pay $7 if they are over the age of 13 to access the park with you.


Packet Pickup will be at the race site but set apart from the start line. All packets will be pre-stuffed and sorted in bib number order. Bring your bib number to make it go quickly - they'll be published on the website race week.

What am I picking up? The following things will be in your packet:

  • Your bib (write medical concerns we should know about on the back as well as emergency contact numbers)

  • Safety pins. Pin your bib wherever you want as long as it's on the front of you AND my volunteers can clearly read it at each aid station. Keep the number horizontal so it's easier to read and so the chip on the back of the bib will work with the timing equipment. If you fold your bib, do not bend the foam chip on the back of the bib.

  • Your Entrant Shirt - you can swap shirts if we have extras. 

  • Your Parking Pass. Put it on your car windshield to get free access during the weekend at the State Park.

No race day distance changes. No race day signups.

Once your race distance starts, you have forfeited all rights to your packet, and the shirt in the packet will be made available to runners who showed up to the start of the race.

Aid Stations

Aid Stations

WE ARE CUPLESS: We're a firm believer in the Leave No Trace principles of trail etiquette, so this will be a Cup-Free Event to eliminate the chance of litter. There will be no paper cups for cold beverages at this event. Everyone must carry some sort of hydration system with them, whether it's a handheld water bottle, a waist fuel belt, or a hydration pack. For other drink needs besides water at the aid stations, we recommend the Ultraspire C2 collapsible reusable cup or the Hydrapouch.


For each 10.5-mile loop of the course, below are the aid station details. See the Cutoffs section above for aid station cutoff details. Masks must be worn at the aid stations.

FENCE LINE is an aid station you hit outbound and inbound in the longer loop so make sure you know which way you're headed or ask the volunteers if you don't know. 5 milers only hit Fence Line once outbound.

CEDAR BRAKE is accessed at the start/finish of each loop. It is two-way traffic from Cedar Brake to Fence Line aid station.

Here's everything in one big chart:



You are expected to carry a hydration solution that will allow you to do a full loop (whether that’s 5 miles or 10.5 miles for your race distance). Water will be served at all of the aid stations. 

Other Beverages:
Multiple brands of soda as well as pickle juice to drink! 


Electrolyte Drink: The electrolyte drink on the course will be Tailwind Nutrition.


Beginning at 5 pm on Saturday through 3 pm Sunday, hot foods and liquids will be available at the aid stations. A rotating assortment of a couple options will be available as volunteers cook things up.  This food is not available to 25K and 5 milers. 


Most of the usuals at a minimum. Cookies, candy, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, pretzels, and more. Energy gels are such an individual item that we will not be providing - bring your own favorite if you want to use these as fuel.


NOTE: Not all foods will be vegetarian friendly, and those with special needs (gluten-free or vegan, for example) and those who are super duper picky should plan to bring their own nutrition. Those with severe food allergies or conditions (like a nut allergy or celiac disease) need to be aware that we can not guarantee against cross-contamination.

Other Supplies

  • We will have band-aids for minor cuts.

  • All-in-one “pack it in, pack it out” Menstrual Kits: Menstruation is an additional complicating variable for some of our participants. We want to make sure our participants are served while also maintaining a protection of the “leave no trace” environmental trail running principles we hold dear. Therefore, all aid stations at this race and all The Active Joe trail races will have multiple menstrual kits that contain a couple wet wipes, an ultra-thin menstrual pad, and a tampon in a Ziploc bag. As tampons do not degrade well in the environment, this kit helps our participants remember to “Pack it in, pack it out” by disposing of used tampons with the wet wipe in the Ziploc bag and saving it on their person or in their pack until they can throw it away in the trash at the next aid station.

  • Aid stations will not provide Advil, Aspirin, Motrin, or any other pain relievers. 

  • Aid stations will not have blister kits. If you are concerned about blisters, carry what you will need in your pack or make sure it's in the drop bag at each location you might need to use it.



At every aid station, participants are expected to check in and out. If you are bib 482, when you arrive, yell "482 IN." When you leave, you or your pacer (for 100 milers) should yell "482 OUT" and check that someone is recording. This keeps our records accurate.

If you decide to drop out of the race, you must please let the aid station captain know and make sure they note it on their clipboard. We don't want you to leave with your crew and then we're calling you or your emergency contact a couple hours later looking for you, or searching the expanse of the trail system for you!

Volunteers will work to monitor every participant's ingress to and egress from the aid stations. We reserve the right to disqualify anyone whose times between any check-in or check-out do not grossly align with the paces expected based on their moving times the rest of the race and their racing history.







The race is held at the beautiful Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas. This course has rolling and sustained ascents and descents, although none are terribly steep. The loops take you through varied terrain, from double track trails in fields to single track in wooded areas. There is a mix of packed dirt, smaller rocks, larger rocks, slick rock, and some roots. There are NO river crossings in case you are reading past race reports or seeing old race photos (removed starting in 2018). This course really has a little of everything, which includes its views. There are amazing overlooks on this course where you can see for miles.

The course we are using was first used in 2018.

Course Layout

5 Mile – 5-mile reduced portion of the main loop.

25K – 5 mile course for your first loop THEN 1 loop of the 10.5-mi loop.

50K – 3 loops of the 10.5-mi loop.

100K – 6 loops of the 10.5-mi loop.

100 Mile – 9 loops of the 10.5-mi loop. THEN 5 mile course for your first loop. This is a change for 2023. It also allows easier dropdowns to the 100K if needed.

None of the distances cross the river at any time. This also means our course isn't affected by intense seasonal or sudden rainy weather! 


HERE is a PDF document to help you find the start/finish when you visit on your own, along with downloadable course maps for your GPS watch and turn-by-turn printable directions!


Click on the map to see it bigger, PDF version!

course 2.jpg
course 1.jpg


The race course is mostly rolling hills. Here is an elevation profile from someone who ran the 100 miler in 2020. Here's a Strava link for one 100 miler's race. The 100 mile is estimated to be about 9000 ft of total gain/loss. The 100K is estimated to be about 5700 ft of total gain/loss. The 50K is estimated to be about 2900 ft of total gain/loss. The 25K is about 1400 ft of total gain/loss. The 5 Mile is about 400 ft of total gain/loss


*Mileage is not for contestation. You will cover at least the distance you signed up for.


This is not an exhaustive list but some hazards to watch out for on the trail:

  • Snakes - it's typically cold in November so we hope they will have headed to hibernate, but there are copperheads spotted in the spring, summer, and fall at the State Park.

  • Bobcats and coyotes - we don't expect them to give anyone any trouble, but they do live in these woods.

  • Cactus - Be careful going off trail to use the bathroom.

  • Slickrock - it's fine unless it rains and then it lives up to its name. Watch your footing.

  • Loose rocky terrain


As a state park, they have established a grid of trails through their land. It is each participant's responsibility to watch carefully for course markings. We will be using a combination of

  • bright pink contractor tape flagging, with reflective tape on the ends to capture the light of your headlamp in the dark, that will be clothespinned to tree branches and bushes.

  • bright pink stake flags for major field sections that don't have bushes to attach ribbons to

  • arrow signs (left, right, straight)

In spots where there's an intersection, just follow the flagging for the correct route to take if there are no arrow signs specifically. Flagging will be visible from where you are standing in the intersection.

Confidence flagging: For trail sections where there's no possible logical offshoot of a trail that you could take other than the one you are on, you may go as far as a half mile without flagging.

If you ever get to a spot where you are completely unsure of where you are, backtrack on the path you took until you get to course markers. If you become utterly and completely lost, never ever go off trail. Sit down where you are and wait until someone gets to you.

Ultimately, you are responsible for knowing the course.

Drop Bags, Spectators, Crew, & Pacers

Drop Bags, Spectators, Crew, and Pacers


There will be an area marked off for runners to put their supplies. They can space out in this large area and have a camp chair, 10x10 canopy tent (especially helpful if it’s raining), and all their food and beverage supplies. It's a place for your crew to hang out too. 

Participants are also welcome to visit their car during the race as long as they re-enter the course where they left. Being supported by a crew at your car is allowed.

For their safety, children, ages 10 and under, have to be supervised (no more than 30 feet away from their guardian and remaining visible to the guardian at all times). No more than one warning will be given about any unsupervised children before we ask the children and their guardian to leave the site. 


At the Start/Finish/Cedar Brake Aid Station: We will have a tarp set aside for those who don't have anything more than just a drop bag (not for those with camp chair or canopy tent set-ups who should find a spot in the Valley Village. It will be uncovered and exposed to the elements, so plan accordingly.

At the Fence Line Aid Station: 100K and 100 milers may put a drop bag out at the Fence Line aid station by dropping it in the designated area at the start line on Saturday morning. The drop bags will be collected and transported by 9:10 am (the last wave start for these distances). Therefore, the earliest starting waves shouldn’t anticipate being able to access their bags until after 9:30 due to loading, transport, and unloading. Once they are at Fence Line, they will be spread out on tarps and sorted by bib number. 

Please exercise reason regarding the size of your drop bag. It should not be bigger than 2 ft by 2 ft by 1 ft. Secure any liquids or fragile items for transport. It will be uncovered and exposed to the elements, so plan accordingly.


Spectators are allowed in the crewing area at the Start/Finish/Cedar Brake Aid Station. 


Crew can assist their participant in the crewing area at Cedar Brake Aid Station (see my comment in the next paragraph about crewing from your car as an alternative). Only one crew member can approach the food tent to get hot food and drink for their participant to prevent congestion in that area. 


Crews may only access their runners within 200 yards of the aid station. Crewing a participant outside that area may result in disqualification. You CAN visit your car at Cedar Brake Aid Station (it's in the same field you are parked in and easy to walk to), and this is a great solution if you don't want a big set-up in the crewing area. 

There is no parking space for crews at the Fence Line station. If you go to the Fence Line station to crew your runner, your runner will be disqualified.

Crews may not eat or drink from the aid stations (does not apply to pacers).

Failure by any crew member to follow the rules set out here may result in disqualification of their runner.


All pacers must check-in at the headquarters by the finish line before pacing to get a pacer bib and to sign an event waiver. 

Participants can have a pacer starting mile 47 in the 100 Mile (last 5 loops) and starting mile 52 in the 100K (last loop).

Participants age 60 and over in the 100K or 100 miler may have a pacer from the start of the race to the finish with permission ahead of time by the Race Director.

Participants can pick up or change pacers only at the Cedar Brake aid station. 

Participants can only be paced by one person at a time. 

No pacers are allowed in the 50K, 25K, or 5 mile races.

No muling allowed. This means that a pacer may not carry or deliver anything to their runner unless within 100 yards of an aid station. This includes food and water. Muling may be lead to disqualification.

Pacers may eat and drink from each aid station just like the participants, but not until shortly before they start pacing. You don't get to nosh all Saturday when you won't start pacing until Sunday 2 am, for example.

Failure by any pacer to follow the rules set out here may result in disqualification of their runner.

Cutoffs & Medical

Cutoffs & Medical


Because of the longer distances in the race, there should be no worries from 5 mile, 25K, and 50K participants about finishing cutoffs. The following info is really only relevant to the 100K and 100 Mile participants.

There will be no FINAL cutoff time (within reasonable limits - read on).

There are incremental cutoffs ONLY. You must make each of these cutoffs in order to continue in the race.


Here are the cutoffs for all distances. Note the mileages are based on the 10.5-mile loop.


These cutoffs represent the time you must be OUT of the aid station by. If a participant chooses to leave an aid station and return to the race course after the time cutoff or after being told by aid station volunteers that they are being pulled from the race, the participant is instantly disqualified and may be banned from future races.

If you leave an aid station before the cutoff but then backtrack and return to that same aid station after the cutoff, you will be pulled from the race.

The finish line will be stripped to bare bones at 2:00 pm but if you can make the final cutoff, we will wait for you at the finish, however long you take to make the final 2.5 mile journey, within reasonable limits (up to 3 hours for that final stretch).


Each runner is responsible for their own actions. You need to be prepared both physically and mentally for all of the various stresses of the race. Our hope is to not have to call 911 for any of you. But in the event we have to in a medical emergency, medical expenses incurred are the responsibility of the participants receiving medical attention. Some parts of this trail are very remote to road access, and there may be a substantial amount of time that passes before medical personnel can arrive to provide aid.

Runners must understand all risks associated with undertaking this event. These physical and mental stresses include, but are not limited to, dehydration, hyponatremia, hypothermia, heat exhaustion, renal failure, seizures, hypoglycemia, disorientation, falls resulting in physical injury, complete physical and mental exhaustion, etc. Every participant is expected to monitor his or herself continually with an understanding of their own personal limitations. YOU, the individual participant, are absolutely responsible for your well being during and after the race.

Medals, Buckles, Awards, & Timing

Medals, Buckles, Awards & Timing


All medals will be the same across all distances so there’s no confusion in picking up the wrong one. 100K and 100 milers also receive a finisher medal.

Buckles are guaranteed on race day for any 100K or 100 mile participants signed up by September 1, 2022 who finish their race.

For later entrants in the 100K or 100M: Buckles are ordered months in advance. There is a possibility that with a high finish rate, you may not be able to take home a buckle ON RACE DAY. One will be made available for pictures, and then a buckle will be mailed to me about a month after the race if this occurs (once more buckles are produced). The race will take on the cost of mailing you your buckle in this instance. No matter what, whether it's race day or later, you will receive a buckle for finishing the 100K or 100 miler. 


All placement for results on the website and for awards will be based on chip time, not on gun time. 

For race distances held both days (50K, 25K, and 5 Mile), awards and placement will be determined after all race results are consolidated. Therefore, no awards will be handed out at the race for those distances. I will strive to mail all awards within 15 days of the race finish.


There are the following awards in each distance:

  • Top 3 Overall Male, Female, and Non-Binary*

  • At least first place male and female in the following age groups: 00-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-99.  We will go 2 deep in age groups for any distance with over 100 signed up by September 1, and 3 deep in age groups for any distance with over 150 signed up by September 1. 

See the Non-Binary Athlete Entrant Policy for more information.

There is no prize money. Awards for The Active Joe races are small and will travel well in checked or carry-on luggage.


The event will be chip timed. The "chip" is actually a tag attached to the back of the race bib. Unlike shoe chip tags, there are no special instructions for the bib tag.  They do not have to be looped a specific way, nor is there possible runner mishandling that can compromise RFID timing.  Do not take the foam cover off your bib chip. If you do not have a chip on the back of your bib, find the race timer by the start/finish early race day morning to get a new bib.


All placement for results on the website and for awards will be based on chip time, not on gun time, so that it doesn’t matter what wave you are in. 

Some tips that enhance reader sensitivity, all of which are very standard practices:

  • Bibs need to be worn to ensure race timing.  If they do not wear a bib, they do not receive a time.

  • Bibs should be worn on the front of the body.

  • Bibs should be worn visible to anyone observing, so on the exterior of clothing.  If you wear a jacket and place the bib underneath, it can help if you expose the underlying bib upon mat-crossing to enhance reader sensitivity.  This is usually only a precaution.

  • Bibs should not be crumpled up and placed inside runner's clothing.

Failure to register on multiple timing mats or incredibly inconsistent timing splits between timing mats may result in investigation and potential disqualification. The same is true for those not registering in the written rosters of check-ins at aid stations or inconsistent or unreasonable splits from one aid station to another.

There may be at least one timing mat besides the one at the start/finish somewhere out on the race course. We will not be announcing the locations of all of these mats.

If you find you inadvertently go off course or take a wrong turn, you must return to where you left the course before continuing. If you cut a loop short and realize it, immediately notify volunteers to go find the race officials so a determination can be made as to how to help you complete the full distance.


Those not following the course will risk disqualification.



For your entry, you receive:

  • No additional money due race weekend when you arrive for permits or parking!

  • Professional photography by photographers who have shot races like Western States 100, Mountain Lakes 100, Javelina Jundred, and the photos after the race are only half the cost of the other races because we cover the other half of the cost!

  • Race Shirt

  • Custom bib with your name or a chosen nickname printed on it if you register early enough.

  • The opportunity to run beautiful trails during a competitive race!

  • Being taken care of for up to 35+ hours (depending on your race distance) with aid station, portapotties, race timing, and a marked race course.

For your finish, you receive:

  • A Finisher Medal. All medals will be the same across all distances so there’s no confusion in picking up the wrong one. No medal for the 100K and 100 miler because they get a belt buckle.

  • A Belt Buckle for those in the 100K and 100 Miler. 




Average low temperature is 53. Average high temperature is 74. But it’s Texas so the weather is known for being unpredictable. October is historically the rainiest month in fall.

Sunrise: 7:44 am. Sunset: 6:38 pm.

The weather can be unpredictable, but hey, that's Texas for you!



If we find you littering, you're disqualified. We are here by the permission of the property owners, and we want them to invite us to come back. Don't jeopardize that for everyone. If you get all the way out of the aid station with a gel wrapper, paper cup, or anything else, carry it with you to the next aid station.




Trail runners from all over the United States, and all across the great state of Texas, travel to experience this event. Whether you’re traveling a short distance or far distance, we encourage you to enjoy the local attractions and make a weekend stay of your race weekend.

To see an overall map of restaurant, lodging, and local attractions - Click here


If you’re traveling from Dallas or other cities East of Glen Rose:

La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham in Glen Rose

101 West Bo Gibbs Blvd

Glen Rose, Texas 76043

There is currently no group block set up for this event.

If you’re traveling from west of Glen Rose:

Hampton Inn Stephenville
910 South Harbin Drive
Stephenville, TX  76401

No discounted rates.



If being one with nature for the weekend is your preference, we have several options for you. When you register for the race, these are an optional add-on cost available. Get them while they're still available!

You book this during your race registration with the race in Ultrasignup. If you already registered, you can book just a campsite by purchasing it here... 

Option 1: Official Campsites with Hookups: You will have to drive to the start line from these campsites - these campsites are inside the main entrance of the State Park, and the race takes place through a totally separate back gate into the park about a 10 minute drive away. We have 45 water and eletric campsites with pads for $24 a night inside the State Park. These sites must be reserved with us as the State Park has given us all the campsites for our runners. We will assign the spots and let the park know so when you check in at the main office to get your tag to put on your campsite, then they'll be expecting you. Each site has picnic table, water hookup, electric hookup, 30 amp hookup, and fire ring and/or grill. These campsites are for RV or tent camping. RVs, motorhomes, and towable trailers are limited to 30 FEET long. For longer rigs, use the Dinosaur Valley RV Park located just outside the main entrance to the state park.

Option 2: Tent-Only Group Campsite (Pick a Spot) Near Bathrooms/Showers: You will have to drive to the start line from these campsites - these campsites are inside the main entrance of the State Park, and the race takes place through a totally separate back gate into the park about a 10 minute drive away. There is a tents-only group campsite (Sauropod) located next to the water/electric hookup loop that is still easy walking distance to showers/bathrooms. The cost to you for us to reserve is $8 a night. It's a nice alternative when hookup campsites (Option 1) is sold out or if you want a low cost simple tent camping option. It is only for our group, so you'll be able to pick among our specific area's open spaces, shade trees, and picnic tables, to set up your tent and camp set-up! All first come, first served on finding a spot to pitch your tent. The tent-only group campsite is the top left red circle on the map below.


Option 3: Car Camping: You are welcome to sleep in your car parked in the Parking Field if that works best for you. Because we have all of the state park, absolutely NO TENT CAMPING IN THE PARKING FIELD.

All race packets will be given a sheet to put on your windshield to give you State Park access inside the park gates, where you can drive to restrooms with indoor plumbing and the campground shower building.


Click here to see where these top-rated restaurants are located:
Riverhouse Grill (Glen Rose)
Hammond’s BBQ (Glen Rose)
Loco Coyote Grill (Glen Rose)
Pastafinas (Stephenville)



While at Rough Creek for the weekend, there are multiple unique entertainment options:

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is an exotic animal ranch that spans 1,400 acres. The 9-mile driving tour is full of encounters with many different animals. Fossil Rim is a short 20 minute drive from Rough Creek Lodge and even shorter 10 minute drive from the Glen Rose hotels.

Dinosaur World is a fun, family attraction highlighting the prehistoric past of Glen Rose & Dinosaur Valley State Park. Located right outside the entrance of Dinosaur Valley State Park, it’s a great place for the kids to get exercise and see life-size dinosaur species.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.jpg

Take a throwback trip to The Brazos Drive-In Theatre to grab some popcorn, tune in and turn up the radio, and enjoy a drive-in movie. About a 40 minute drive from Rough Creek Lodge, but still worth highlighting because these vintage opportunities are few and far between.

Brazos Drive-In.jpg

Finishing a trail race is cause for celebration.

We trust that you will be responsible, but an adult beverage is a common way to celebrate. Specifically if you’re traveling back to the D/FW-area, a stop on your return trip might include Revolver Brewing or Firestone & Robertson Distilling (book a reservation ahead of time for Firestone & Robertson).    

Firestone & Robertson.jpg

Air/Ground Transportation

A car will be needed to get around. There will be no shuttle service arranged, as we expect the vast majority of attendees to be locals or have rented a car for the trip from the airport.

Dallas, Texas is served by two area airports: Dallas-Love Field (DAL) is the smaller one where Southwest Airlines flies out of, and then all other airlines fly through Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).

DFW - Dallas-Fort Worth International - 82.8 miles, approx. 1 hr, 25 minutes in good traffic

DAL - Dallas Love Field - 86.0 miles, approx. 1 hr, 30 minutes in good traffic


Registration & Policies

Register Now

Click HERE to go to Ultrasignup to register NOW... 

As with all The Active Joe races, bib numbers are assigned in order of signup, so the lowest numbers for those most enthusiastic who sign up first!

You are also given the chance to request your top 3 "lucky" bib numbers. If not already claimed, I'll give you the first one of those listed that I can!

You can personalize your bib with any nickname until October 1st.

Mail-in registration is not available.

Children 12 and under entered in the race will need to have an adult with them every step of the race. This is a big state park, and I don't want a child getting distracted on the course, getting lost, and having any distress.

Entry Fees: We expect the race to sell out before race day, and some of these pricing tiers will fill fast.

Emphasis will be on the longer distances so shorter distances may close temporarily if they fill too fast to allow certain percentages in each distance. Some swag as we get closer to race day will be limited to the first so many that sign up in that distance once orders are placed.

We understand that LIFE HAPPENS! Note that, unlike a lot of races, this race offers a refund policy (described below) and even refunds if you downgrade your distance (also described below). You may also go up in distance up until the start of the race (also described below). So there is no downside for committing to your goal now!

100 Mile -

  • First entry fee tier: Early promo pricing - $85 UNTIL JANUARY 1

  • Second entry fee tier: $100 for 20 spotstotal in 100M/100K (CURRENT TIER)

  • Third entry fee tier: $190 for a limited number of spots.

  • Fourth entry fee tier: $200 for a limited number of spots.

  • RACE WEEK: $260.

100K -

  • First pricing tier: Early promo pricing - $85 UNTIL JANUARY 1

  • Second entry fee tier: $100 for 20 spots total in 100M/100K (CURRENT TIER)

  • Second pricing tier: $130 for a limited number of spots. 

  • Then the price goes up!

50K -

  • First pricing tier: $85 for a limited number of spots.

  • Second pricing tier: $110 for a limited number of spots.

  • Third pricing tier: $120 for a limited number of spots. 

  • Then the price goes up!

25K -

  • First pricing tier: $85 for a limited number of spots.

  • Second pricing tier: $90 for a limited number of spots.

  • Then the price goes up!

5 Mile -

  • First pricing tier: $60 for a limited number of spots.

  • Second pricing tier: $65 for a limited number of spots.

  • Then the price goes up!


*All prices subject to change.


Those who register for the 100 miler at the promotional entry fee of $85 are not eligible for refunds if they can not attend. Part of the deal for getting such a great deal. Come for the 100, or downgrade to another distance with no entry fee difference due!

Refunds can be requested if you find your plans change.

  • Refunds are subject to a $15 Administration Fee before September 1st

  • Refunds are subject to a $25 Administration Fee September 1st through September 30th

  • Refunds are subject to a $35 Administration Fee October 1st to November 16th (2 days before race day)

See dropping down distances ahead of time below for info on refunds for downgrading your distance and receiving a refund before October 20.

Bib transfers:

Want to transfer your race entry to a friend? Bib transfers will be allowed until October 1st with a $15 Administration Fee. After that at the discretion of the Race Director's available time for an administration fee of $30. NO TRANSFERS ALLOWED ON RACE DAY. If we've already committed the available swag (like shirts), your friend taking your bib gets whatever sizes/stuff you signed up for (no switches).


Changing Distances Ahead of Time:

If you want to switch distances before your race starts, email us before Wednesday, November 17 to make it race morning official and have a bib that matches your new distance.

If upgrading distances, you will just need to pay the difference between the price you paid for your original distance and the current price at the time of the request for your new distance. The one exception is that you only pay 80% of the entry fee difference if you upgrade to the 100 miler. 

If downgrading distances and the lower distance costs less than you paid, you can get a refund for the difference minus the admin fee shown above in the refund schedule until October 20. Distance downgrades after October 20 will not receive a refund. 

If downgrading distances and the lower distance now costs more than when you originally paid, you will owe the difference. 

You can only change distances while that distance has spots still available.

Dropping Down Distances Mid-race

Dropdowns will only be allowed midrace for the 100 miler to the 100K. In 2023, the 5 mile loop the 100 milers do has been moved to the END of the race so that when dropdowns occur, it isn't a total nightmare on the timing side (splits by aid station will still match up between the distances now). So those who want to drop down midrace to the 100K will be able to do so after completing the 6 full 10.5-mile loops. If you dropdown after that, your timing results will be set to your time for the completion of the 6th loop, and you will get an official finish in the 100K race results. Dropdowns will NOT be eligible for any awards.

If the dropdown may jeopardize someone originally signed up for the distance from receiving their 100K buckle, your buckle will be mailed to you at a later time once more can be produced. There will be no change in entry fee due.


Wait List

We will offer a wait list for those who didn't get in if the race sells out early. Depending on when you get pulled off the wait list if a spot opens up, your swag (like shirt and other stuff) options may be limited or you may not receive some of it. We do not over-order stuff.



  • See our Transgender Entrant Policy which applies to all races produced by The Active Joe and seeks to support, include, and protect the privacy of the transgender athletes who attend our races.

  • See our Non-Binary Athlete Entrant Policy which applies to all races produced by The Active Joe and seeks to create a supportive and inclusive environment for our non-binary athletes and addresses how those with a Non-binary gender will be handled in the registration and timing processes.

  • No dogs or strollers are allowed on the race course for the safety of all.

  • Runners and walkers are both welcome, as long as you can finish by the time limit.

  • Entry fees are non-refundable, including in the case of inclement weather.

  • No refunds will be granted if you downgrade at any time.

  • This is a private event, so unregistered participants are not allowed. "Banditting" (as this action is referred to) is frowned upon in the running community and unfair to the runners who paid for the opportunity to participate. Race entry fees go for a lot more than water on a course, medals at the finish line, and a shirt in your race packet. It also exposes an event to serious liability risk. It stresses race resources that were calibrated for the sold-out number of participants and therefore can put other participants', the paid participants, health or safety at risk. Those who bandit any portion of the race may be banned from future events by The Active Joe.

  • Note that it is never okay to allow someone else to use your bib without a proper bib transfer arranged with the Race Director. This can lead to serious liability and medical risks in the chance of emergency and jeopardize the future of the event for everyone.

  • Our primary goal is to provide a safe event for participants, volunteers, and the community alike. If something arises that threatens that safety, then a) the event will be altered as it is reasonably possible without stressing other resources, b) the events may be delayed during the morning, or c) the event may be canceled. The event can not be rescheduled for another date due to resource availability in the event of cancelation.

  • Event shirts not picked up at packet pickup or race day will not be mailed.

*All items above subject to potential significant change.

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