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Apply to be Active Joe Sponsored Athlete for 2019 Western States Endurance Run

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Note: I'm anticipating a lot of applications, so applications are due November 15.

The Active Joe is entering the sixth year as a sponsor for the Western States Endurance Run. As part of that sponsorship, the company receives a sponsored athlete spot each year to hand out an automatic entry to a qualified athlete who will or has entered the lottery.

The Active Joe is a wellness brand and race production company based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. I value positive motivation and participation in the ultrarunning community, and I want The Active Joe’s sponsored athlete to embody those qualities. The past sponsored athletes have all been inspiring people who are everyday athletes who love the sport. You don’t have to be the fastest, or have the most races; you just have to be you! Candidates can be from anywhere in the United States; they don't have to be local to Dallas-Fort Worth.

Info on Past/Future Sponsored Athletes:

It’s time to choose another sponsored athlete, and I want to open the option up to a broader range of fantastic people in the ultra world and that's why I allow anyone to enter. So read on for what we are looking for, and if you think you would be a great fit, please apply!

We get a ton of applications. Here's my reaction to the pile of essays I had to review last year:

The Active Joe sponsored athlete should:

  • Have qualified for the next year’s Western States race and be entered or plan to enter in the lottery

  • Understand that the sponsorship is for an automatic spot and does not cover the entry fee into the event, the runner’s travel expenses for the race, or any other expenses associated with them training for or racing Western States that year.

  • Have a positive yet authentic established social media presence. This is still a sponsorship, and while my primary motivation for getting involved was a love for this event, I also want to promote The Active Joe to the community to get more people involved in the brand and our events.

  • Be an involved participant in the ultra community, whether through volunteerism, trail stewardship, coaching/mentoring, journalism, or any other medium.

  • Have a smart training and racing record. While I can elect another athlete for the race should the sponsored athlete get injured, the goal is for the originally chosen athlete is to get to the start line strong, healthy, and ready to have a great race.

  • Have an affinity to The Active Joe brand. Consideration is made for those who have raced The Active Joe events, volunteered at events, and spoken positively about the brand in social media and encouraged others to attend the company’s events. While not required in making my decision, it is looked upon favorably.

  • Plan to make the Western States race that next year their goal race for the first half of the year.

  • Be comfortable being a brand advocate and wearing The Active Joe apparel the entire race weekend – before, during, and after the race.

  • Understand that their story, their likeness, their training, and their race weekend at Western States will be chronicled and shared on social media with the brand’s audience.

To apply, please provide the following - format is up to you - I just need to get to know you better and learn these things about you!

  • A couple paragraph summary of your running history

  • A paragraph about what the Western States attendance would mean for you. Include how many tickets you have in the current lottery, any past runs of the race along with the results of those runs, any past acceptances into the race where you did not start.

  • A short bulleted listing of races run over the previous few years (or include a link to your Ultrasignup profile, noting any races that you want to mention that aren’t included in that list)

  • A list of any involvement with The Active Joe brand over the previous few years.

  • A list of your involvement in the ultra community beyond running (volunteerism, trail stewardship, coaching/mentoring, journalism, or any other medium you wish to highlight)

  • Links to any social media presence (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.). As part of the application process, you will need to friend or allow following by me to review social media presence. This can be revoked if not chosen for the sponsorship.

Please get your application in by emailing this information to me at by November 1! I will review the emails from everyone and choose an athlete by November 28.

Thank you!

Libby Jones Owner, The Active Joe

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