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The Active Joe to Sponsor Western States Endurance Run for Eighth Year

Frisco, Texas – Race production and running outreach company The Active Joe moves into its eighth year as a sponsor of the Western States Endurance Run and is excited to announce John Farris of Fort Worth, Texas as its 2022 sponsored athlete.

The Western States Endurance Run is the oldest and most well-known 100 mile race in the United States, running along the Western States Trail from Olympic Valley, California, to end in Auburn, California. The Active Joe owner Libby Jones attended and volunteered at the 2012 race and fell in love with the event. A race producer herself, Jones was also impressed with the mission of the non-profit Western States Endurance Run Foundation. In addition to helping set standards in the organization of 100-mile endurance events, they promote trail stewardship and emphasize their role through maintenance and support of the Western States trail. The WSER Foundation also supports medical research into ultrarunning that helps the sport and the community.

As part of the sponsorship, The Active Joe chooses a sponsored athlete each year from the qualified runners who apply to the lottery, and the chosen individual receives an automatic entry. For 2022, John Farris, of Fort Worth, TX, will be representing The Active Joe.

John Farris, age 30, lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex where The Active Joe is based out of and has been part of The Active Joe family through attending races as both a participant and a volunteer. John's first ever trail race was The Active Joe's Rough Creek Trail Run Marathon in 2016. He has volunteered at The Active Joe's 100 miler, the Dinosaur Valley Endurance Run, in 2019 and 2021, and he completed the 100 miler there in 2020. He has also volunteered at the Fairview Half Marathon and Rough Creek Trail Run, both produced by The Active Joe.

John has an adventurous spirit that is demonstrated in his race choices. He has completed the rugged marathon distance race, the Otter Run, in Capetown, South Africa. He then completed the tough Squamish 50 miler in British Columbia, Canada, in 2018. Then he finished the The Coastal Challenge, a 146 mile stage race across Costa Rica. Running for 6 days through machete bushwhacked jungle paths, across remote beaches, and along the Talamanca mountain range. He clearly likes challenging races, so it's no surprise he made the Cruel Jewel 100 his Western States qualifier in 2020! He was in the top 30% of finishers, finishing 41st overall with a time of 33:08.

In addition to his racing adventures, John has been an avid rock climber and skydiver for many years. He is a great representative for The Active Joe brand and advocates for the race organization routinely to bring in new and existing trailrunners to our races. "It’s about the everyday, average person being able to set and obtain a goal that they once thought unobtainable," said John. "It’s about bringing that grassroots feel that ultrarunning was created from, to the Texas trails."

"This many years into the sponsorship, it has become the yearly tradition to reward a trailrunner in our community through the sponsorship,” The Active Joe owner Libby Jones said. “John is a great example of a welcoming and friendly community member who is an average joe embracing adding active moments into his life. I look forward to seeing him represent The Active Joe at Western States in June!” Info on Past Sponsored Athletes:

The Active Joe was founded in 2008 with the mission of providing running outreach to the local community. The organization produces 3 trail events, including a 100 mile running event, the Dinosaur Valley Endurance Run 100 Mile, 100K, 50K, 25K, and 5 Mile each fall. The Active Joe produced the first organized 100-mile trail race in North Texas. The company also has 2 road events and between road and trail, the company caters to over 3,000 participants annually. All events are located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. Owner Libby Jones has been an active member of the leadership of the Dallas-Fort Worth running community for many years and is an avid ultrarunner herself. For more information go to

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