New Years Double Race Guide


COVID-19 Considerations



Parking & Directions

Race Site Layout and Etiquette

Participant Limits

COVID-19 Considerations

We are all learning so much about this virus as the weeks and months pass, so I fully recognize this plan may need to be revised again even closer to race day as we learn more. It is incredibly important to me to keep the participants, my volunteers, myself, and the local residents all safe and healthy. 

My directions when handling the virus will also no doubt be more conservative than some event producers because I take the threat of short- and long-term health effects, as well as the risk of death, seriously with this virus. And also because I myself am immunocompromised and don’t want to risk my kids and my husband losing me or handling potential long term health issues for me from the virus since I have 2 pre-existing medical conditions. However, at the same time, I want to be able to provide an event for the community when so many events have been canceled in the recent past and for the foreseeable future! 

In the interest everyone’s safety I just assume that all volunteers and race participants are both (1) immunocompromised so I will take precautions to keep you safe AND (2) asymptomatically and unknowingly positive for COVID-19 so I will take precautions to keep you from giving the virus to others! This helps me lay out guidelines for the event to make sure everyone is safe!

From what was on this website previously in a typical year, you will find changes in the following sections:

Overview (Schedule, Race Start, and Race Site Layout & Etiquette)

Aid Stations


Medals, Awards, & Timing


General Comments
Failure to follow any rules set out here can result in disqualification and potential future bans from The Active Joe events. These rules are also conveyed to the State Park to show that we are mitigating risk so any failure by individuals to not follow the rules can jeopardize the future of this race. 

Please stay home if you, anyone in your household, or anyone you have been within 6 feet of has experienced a fever or been diagnosed positive for COVID-19 in the 14 days preceding the race. There will not be temperature checks before the race, so everyone is expected to be honest about their possibility of having Coronavirus (symptomatically or asymptomatically) when coming to this event.

Please practice COVID-mitigation during any travel to and from this event. We want to eliminate any possibilities for the coronavirus to spread before, during or after this event. If we all cooperate, we can continue to host safe events, and work our way to future events with fewer regulations.


Same schedule for both December 31 and January 1.

  • 6:30 am to 2:00 pm - Race Day Packet Pickup is available before you begin your race(s).

  • We are using an open start format this year to help prevent start line congestion.

  • The race course will be open from 7 am to 3 pm.

  • 5K participants can start at any time between 7 am and 2 pm but must start in enough time to be finished when the finish line closes at 3 pm.

  • Half Marathon participants can start at any time between 7 am and 11 am but must start in enough time to complete their first loop by 2 pm and be finished when the finish line closes at 3 pm.

  • Marathon participants can start at any time between 7 am and 10 am but must start in enough time to complete their 3rd loop by 2 pm and to be finished when the finish line closes at 3 pm.

  • At 2:00 pm, anyone who has not started their last loop will not be allowed to continue. This will be registered in the race results as a DNF (Did Not Finish) and will not earn a medal..

  • At 3:00 pm, the course closes.

Event Location, Parking, & Directions

All parking is at the race site. There are enough spots for all the runners in the 3 parking lots of Celebration Park. 


The address for the race site is:

Celebration Park, 701 Angel Parkway, Allen, Texas




Masks must be worn by everyone in the pavilion / tented areas where the start/finish is (from here out called the race site). 

Those not in the same household must keep 6 feet from all others at all times at the race site.

Hand sanitizer will be available in multiple places throughout the area.

Parking is onsite and close to everything so this should ensure people wait in or at their cars when not actively completing the race.

There will be lawn signs reminding everyone to wear their masks at the race site at all times, to wear their mask when passing anyone on the course, and to keep 6 ft distance at all times.

Before Your Race

There will be separate start lines for the 5K and the half/full marathon. Do not approach any start line without permission from a race volunteer there to help you start your race. We will help those in the Double-Double to start each of their races in the right place. 

While on the Course

Participants will need to carry on their person a mask, buff, or gaiter (something that covers the mouth and nose yet is comfortable enough to run in) during their race. It can remain down / off when there are no participants or volunteers around, but it must be kept handy and pulled up over the nose and mouth when passing or approaching any participant or volunteer on the race course. That includes passing them going the same direction, approaching them from the opposite direction, and regardless of trail width. ANY encounters with other participants and volunteers, including each time you pass through the aid station. Drink your water after collecting your cup to limit viral exposure for our aid station volunteers.

When Your Race Is Over

Put on your mask when approaching the finish line and leave it on until you leave the finish area. You must leave the area to eat or drink.

As soon as you finish,

  • We will have a table for runners to get their finisher medals.

  • We will have a table where you can collect one each of the finish line food items you would like (we will have a few individually wrapped offerings).

  • On New Year's Day, if you ran New Year's Eve also and are running a combo that is eligible for a Challenge Plate, please show your bib to the volunteer in the tent by the finish area and they will place your Challenge Plate on the table. If there is a line, please distance 6' from the person in front of you while you wait.

  • If you were in the half or full marathon and have items in the Drop Bag tent, collect your belongings.

  • Once you have accomplished these things, you will need to immediately leave. No loitering or hanging around the finish line areas. That includes if you are waiting for a family member or friend (unless you are the parent/guardian of a minor participant still on the course). You will need to wait at the vehicle you arrived in while they are still out on the course.

Participant Limits

Over the years of New Years Double, we have grown the event a little each time and sold out weeks before race day. We anticipate to sell out again for this year's event. We are purposely setting the limit lower than past years.

5K - 300 participants each day.

Half Marathon - 160 participants each day.

Marathon - 40 participants each day.


Participating can two days earn the participant a hefty Challenge Plate depending on which distances you choose. It's supposed to be a challenge, but it's something people can definitely train for, and we want to help you succeed! With a 7 hour time limit each day, you can train to even run one half marathon and walk the other one!

We reserve the right to change the limits overall and between categories at any time.


Distances / How it Works


How Does the Double Work?

Marathon (26.2 miles), Half Marathon (13.1 miles), and 5K (3.1 miles) are offered on both New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. The 5K happens start to finish before the half and full marathon so people can further "double up" by running two races each morning to earn more medals!

On both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, we offer the following distances:

  • Marathon – 4 loops of the 6.55-mile course

  • Half Marathon – 2 loops of the 6.55-mile course

  • 5K – a shortened version of the loop course


Packet Pickup

Days & Hours

Your Bib Number

Other Important Tidbits:


Days and Hours for Packet Pickup

Packet pickup will be available prior to the race as well as race day morning. There is very limited packet pickup on Monday, December 30, to allow our small business to get ready to bring you a great event again this year!

To facilitate a smooth operation event morning, we encourage all participants to pick up your packet before race day.

We will NOT mail any packet pickup items to those who don't show up to any packet pickup time. All event shirts are available to late entrants (who may have signed up too late to get a shirt) as soon as that race distance begins.

BRING YOUR PERSON ID - available here...

Monday, December 28 


Tuesday, December 29 

5:00 pm to 7:00 pm


City of Allen Parks & Recreation, Municipal Courts Building - Community Room
301 Century Parkway
Allen, Texas 75013

Sign up here...

Bib Number​

  • The listing of registrants with bib number assignments is published on the website during race week - bring your bib numbers to packet pickup

  • Check all the fields for your race entry. You will be given two bibs if you are participating both days, and one bib says "EVE" and one says "DAY". Those doing Double-Double will have 1 bib to wear for both races that day - the bib has two chip timing tags on the back.

  • If you have any changes needed to your race details, email us!


A few other important notes about packet pickup:

  • Be patient with our volunteers or any lines. With multiple days and distances and shirts and bibs, it's a complex process for our kind volunteers.

  • Make sure you collect ALL your bibs. One for each day.

  • Kids don't receive shirts if they signed up at the Kids' Double 5K price (hence the lower entry fee).

  • Those who registered late and chose "No Guaranteed Shirt" will not receive a shirt at packet pickup. But AFTER your race each day, head over to packet pickup and show the "No Guaranteed Shirt" label on your bib, and you can choose from any shirts that remain WHILE they remain. 

  • Double Double folks get ONE shirt for EACH day.

  • You may NOT change your shirt size at packet pickup. The shirts are all already allocated to registered individuals. After the race, you can try to swap your shirt from whatever remains.

  • Packets will not be mailed. Once packet pickup on your race day is closed, your packet is forfeit.

  • Bring a signed note if you are picking up for someone else. And have their bib number!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I volunteer to help with packet pickup? Thanks for asking ;-) Yes, we need volunteers at packet pickup pre-race as well as both race day mornings. On race day, since we close packet pickup several minutes before the race start, participants can help race day morning with packet pickup. Email us if you can help with what day and hours you are available. We depend on volunteers to make this event happen!

How do I pick up my packet? Look up your bib number once we post it online here closer to race day and bring that to give to the volunteer. Same thing race day mornings in the packet pickup area - look for the alphabetical listing before getting in line to pick up your packet if you forget to look up and bring your bib numbers.

What exactly am I picking up? Racing bib, safety pins, event shirt, timing chip. Our packets are simple.

We will not have maps or any other website information available printed out at packet pickup or in your race packet. It's environmental wasteful. It is your responsibility to print off the info you or spectating family/friends will need from our website.

What if I don't like the shirt size I requested during registration? The shirts are all already allocated to our registrations. You must take the shirt size you registered for. You may bring the unworn shirt to the race and swap after that day's race. We'll set up an area in the post-race tent for that purpose. At that point, we can swap out of the packets of those who did not pick up.

Can I switch distances? The deadline is December 15.

I'm picking up for a group. What do I do? If picking up for 6 or more people, please email us by the end of Saturday, 12/23, with all the full names, CC'ing those individuals on the email, with when you would like to come pickup, and we will try to pull those packets early for you! Otherwise, any impromptu pickups for more than 3 packets need to plan for extra time as we will alternate filling each of your packets with those of others in line. See the next question for what you need to bring from each individual!

How to pick up another person's packet?  Bring a signed note or printed email from you to them giving permission from that person. Do NOT send US an email giving the other person permission.

Race Site
Celebration Park
701 Angel Parkway
Allen, Texas

Yes, we'll have moved everything over to the race site on this day, so we'll offer a very bare bones packet pickup, especially designed for those who just came into town and don't want the hassle of picking up race day morning.

Do NOT expect to pick up a packet before 3 pm or after 5 pm. Packet pickup will only be during those hours.

Race Site
Celebration Park
701 Angel Parkway
Allen, Texas

Wednesday, December 30 

3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

December 31 and January 1

Pick up your packet between 6:30 am and 2:00 pm before you start your race.



Course Overview

COVID-19 Considerations and Rules on the Course

Course Description

Course Maps

Elevation Profile

Time Limit

Participants will be on paved-concrete city trail 8 to 10 feet wide at all times during this race.
For the half marathon and marathon: The course is 6.55 miles out-and-back which is then run 2 times for the half marathon and half marathon relay, and 4 times for the marathon.

The courses are USATF-certified (TX11165ETM for the full marathon, TX11164ETM for the half marathon), and the full marathon is a Boston Qualifier.

The 5K is a reduced version of the half marathon single loop, turning around early. This is NOT the same as the 2019 5K course (changed for pandemic times).


The race course is mostly on wide paved trail. Participants will need to carry on their person a mask, buff, or gaiter (something that covers the mouth and nose yet is comfortable enough to run in) during their race. It can remain down / off when there are no participants or volunteers around, but it must be kept handy and pulled up over the nose and mouth when passing or approaching any participant or volunteer on the race course. That includes passing them going the same direction, approaching them from the opposite direction, and regardless of trail width (yes, mask must be pulled up on the fire road areas too). ANY encounters with other participants.

Even with pulling up the mask, please stay to the right in two-way sections and give a wide berth to other participants.

Course Description
The course starts and finishes in one of the City of Allen Parks Department’s crown jewels, Celebration Park. Celebration Park is 99 acres and Allen’s newest Community Park. Phase I was completed in 2003 in time for the 50th Anniversary of Allen’s charter. Phase II was completed in 2010. The park’s amenities include lighted baseball and soccer fields, the enormous Kid Mania community-built playground and adjoining sprayground, lighted tennis courts, and a large sport court. This is the park where Allen hosts anywhere from 50,000 to 85,000 area residents each year for its AllenUSA celebration around the July 4th holiday.

The Kid Mania playground looks like about 5 or 6 large playgrounds all connected together. This is extremely close to the start/finish and a great place for the kids to play (supervised) while a parent is running the race.

Interestingly, the sprayground right next to the Kid Mania playground is one of the first projects the beneficiary of this race, the Allen Parks Foundation, tackled after it was formed. Proceeds from the New Year’s Double will allow the Allen Parks Foundation to explore and implement more major community projects in future years! Of course, for the time of year of this race, the sprayground is closed for the winter.

Half Marathon and Full Marathon:
Runners will circle through Celebration Park for the first 2 miles before taking a short ramp into a tunnel running under Angel Parkway. Another short ramp on the other side of the lighted tunnel and you are on Celebration Pass Trail which opened in June 2011. This trail is straight as an arrow for over a mile.

Cross a bridge, with a pond and a fountain as part of your scenery, take a right where the trail forks, and you’ll find yourself at Stacy Ridge Park, a cute neighborhood park for residents of northeast Allen. At 14.7 acres in size, Stacy Ridge Park has a covered pavilion, picnic tables, playground, and basketball courts. The trail naturally loops around here for a gentle race turnaround!


Runners will then travel back the way they came. Upon re-entering Celebration Park, it’s another mile back to the start/finish area. Half Marathon participants head out for one more loop, and Marathon participants will do this loop 4 times total.

5K participants will enjoy a shortened out-and-back course that stays within Celebration Park.

Course Maps:

Here is a another mapping of the route, with elevation profile. Click the 3D button on the right side of the map to see an aerial flyover of the course!

All courses subject to potential significant change!


Elevation Profile:
The course is flat, with a small ramp into and out of a tunnel that runs beneath Angel Parkway.
Minimum elevation of 640 feet, maximum elevation of 690 feet.


Time Limit:
In 2020, all races must be finished by 3 pm.


Aid Stations


Every aid station has water and sport drink. On each 6.55-mile loop, they hit Aid Station A twice at around mile 2 and 5.5, and Aid Station B at mile 3.8. 

The 5K hit Aid Station A at around mile 2.

You must pull up your mask as you go through the aid station and can pull it down to drink after you have passed the aid station table.

Our water has been generously provided by Crazy Water. They create many levels of all-natural mineral water.

Our race will be using “Crazy Water #2” which tastes much like tap or bottled water but still has a low level of mineral content infused.


Bag Check

Bag Check / Drop Bags

Since there is onsite parking, there will be no bag check.

For Half and Full Marathoners ONLY: There will be a roped-off area for “drop bags” or “special needs bags”. Participants leave a bag in this unattended area so that they may access it right by the course at the end of a loop as needed. Participants leave these bags at their own risk, as the area will not be regularly supervised or the entry controlled or restricted. We highly suggest you not put anything valuable in this area. The event and its producers are not responsible for any contents that are lost or stolen. Drop bags must be the size of a standard small sportsack, basically the size of a filled plastic grocery sack. A brightly colored bag will be easier for you to find between loops.

Again, this is not a bag check area, and not for use by 5K participants.



Start Corrals

Start Corrals

In 2020, we are doing an open start format instead of a wave start with start corrals. You will be able to start at a time that works for you where you feel suitably distanced from other runners.


There are indoor restroom locations at the race site as well as portapotties for before the race.

See our Course Maps for restroom / portalet locations at the site and on the course.


Awards & Timing




All finishers receive a gorgeous colored finisher's medal

For 2020: Medals will be set out in a dedicated area near the finish line and you will be able to take one with you when you finish. No volunteer will be handling giving out medals.


For 2020: All placement for results on the website and for awards will be based on chip time, not on gun time, so that it doesn’t matter what time you start that day. For race distances held both days, awards and placement will be determined after all race results are consolidated. No awards will be handed out at the race. I will strive to mail all awards within 15 days of the race finish.

Here are the award categories:

Marathon - 1st Open Male & Female, 1st Masters Male & Female, 1st Place Male & Female for Age groups 00-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+. First Place in Clydesdale (males where each weighs more than 195 lbs) and Athena (women where each weighs more than 150 lbs).


Half Marathon - 1st Open Male & Female, 1st Masters Male & Female, First Place Male & Female for Age groups 00-12, 13-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70+. First Place in Clydesdale (males where each weighs more than 195 lbs) and Athena (women where each weighs more than 150 lbs).


5K - 1st Open Male & Female, 1st Masters Male & Female, Top 3 Males & Females for Age groups 00-12, 13-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70+. Top 3 in Clydesdale (males where each weighs more than 195 lbs) and Athena (women where each weighs more than 150 lbs).


Clydesdale and Athena divisions are their own award division like the age groups so they will not have their results shown with their age group and will not be eligible for age group awards.

The event will be chip timed. The "chip" is actually a tag attached to the back of the race bib. Unlike shoe chip tags, there are no special instructions for the bib tag.  They do not have to be looped a specific way, nor is there possible runner mishandling that can compromise RFID timing.  

Some tips that enhance reader sensitivity, all of which are very standard practices:

  • Bibs need to be worn to ensure race timing.  If they do not wear a bib, they do not receive a time.

  • Bibs should be worn on the front of the body.

  • Bibs should not be worn on their side. We should be able to read the number horizontally.

  • Bibs should be worn visible to anyone observing, so on the exterior of clothing.  If youwear a jacket and place the bib underneath, it can help if you expose the underlying bib upon mat-crossing to enhance reader sensitivity.  This is usually only a precaution.

  • Bibs should not be crumpled up and placed inside runner's clothing.


Perks - Medals, Challenge Plates, Shirts & Photos


Finisher Medal

Challenge Plate

Race Shirt

Personalized Bib


Some of the perks participants receive include:

  • A technical fabric running shirt for EACH race day they are registered for

  • A finisher medal for each race you complete

  • The large Challenge Plate for those who complete certain combos of races on BOTH race days (the largest Challenge Plate is 6.5" tall and 6.5" wide)

  • A personalized colorful race bib to keep afterwards as a memento of your race experience.

  • A well-executed and fun race!

  • A chance to win an overall or age group award, which is a champagne glass each year!

Finisher Medal

For each day’s event, every finisher will receive a medal upon completion. Yes, even the 5K finishers will receive a medal! Very few races out there give a medal to those in the 5K, but we should celebrate these active moments! The 5K finisher medal is smaller than the half and full marathon medal.

Each day’s medal will refer to that day’s event – the New Year’s Eve event or New Year’s Day event. The ribbon also specifies the distance completed.

Each medal has a flush-mounted magnet on the back of it. Why? Because you’ll want to do two days’ worth of events to earn the New Years Double Challenge Plate to house your medals!

(These are past medals and just an example!!)

New Years Double Challenge Plate

The Challenge Plate design is typically released to the public on our Facebook page a month before the race. They are a different theme every year and are always high quality.

They are also HUGE! The Double-Double Challenge Plate is 6.5" tall by 6" wide. The Half-Full Challenge Plate is 6" tall by 6" wide. The Double 5K Plate is 5" wide.

For this year, there are 3 types of Challenge Plates:

  • Double 5Ks - a smaller Plate that houses the medals from each day's 5K

  • Double "At Least 13.1" Plate - big plate (like the picture) that houses the half or full marathon medal for each day. You have to do at least 13.1 each day to get this plate.

  • The Double Double - Double 5Ks (which are before the start of the half and full marathons each day) followed by the half or full marathon each day. Those individuals will take home 4 medals and a very special Challenge Plate that incorporates all 4 medals. This large plate is 6.5" wide and 6.5" tall!

Race Shirt

ALL entrants (even the 5k) will receive a technical dry-wicking running shirt with men’s and women’s sizing for EACH DAY registered. So registered for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day means two technical running shirts! The New Year's Eve race is typically short sleeve, while the New Year's Day race is typically long-sleeved.

Just about all other 5Ks out there give out unisex cotton t-shirts, but we want to provide an extra special experience for everyone, so everyone gets a nice technical shirt and every finisher gets a medal!

Shirt size is guaranteed. We allow shirt size swaps New Year's Day after packet pickup closes from the packets that were not picked up.

Personalized Bib

Race bibs will have the race logo. If registered by October 20th, your name will also be personalized onto your bib!

This means spectators can cheer you on by name. It's a huge boost mentally out there on the race course!

Training Plans

We recognize that training for two days of back-to-back races is an unusual task, so we've recruited some help to give our participants some general guidance. Amazing RRCA-certified running coaches have designed training plans specifically for the New Years Double to help you 1) get to the start line injury-free, and 2) finish your race strong.

A BIG Thank You to the coaches who volunteered their time to create these plans.

Plans were designed for the most popular back-to-back race combos:

5K-5K - A Couch2Double5K program you won't find anywhere else!


Half-Half - Coming Soon!


Half-Full - Half Marathon on New Year's Eve, and Full Marathon on New Year's Day. You can adapt this plan to work for Full-Half as well.


Full-Full, Novice - Novice training plan for Double Marathons. While there is nothing novice about completing two back-to-back marathons, this is a lower mileage plan aimed to help experience runners to solely finish the task of 52.4 miles in 2 days.


Full-Full, Intermediate - Intermediate training plan for Double Marathons. A higher mileage plan than the novice plan, this is a great plan geared to those training for 50- or 100-mile races.

Words of Caution

You accept this training plan at your own risk. You understand that any fitness plan should not be undertaken without the guidance and supervision of your doctor. These plans are provided as a tool for general guidance.



Host Hotels

Note: There are no hotels within walking distance of the race site. Make sure you have ground transportation arranged.

No discounted group blocks are currently set up with these hotels. 


Courtyard Marriott Dallas/Allen at the John Q. Hammonds Center
210 E Stacy Road
Allen, Texas

There are restaurants within walking distance of the hotel.

Hampton Inn & Suites - Dallas Allen
830 West Stacy Road
Allen, Texas

There are restaurants within walking distance of the hotel.


La Quinta Inn & Suites Allen
1220 North Central Expressway
Allen, Texas

Ground/Air Transportation

A car will be needed to get from the hotel to the race site (all hotel options are 2+ miles away). There will be no shuttle service arranged, as we expect the vast majority of attendees to be locals or have rented a car for the trip from the airport.

Allen, Texas is served by two area airports: Dallas-Love Field (DAL) is the smaller one where Southwest Airlines flies out of, and then all other airlines fly through Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).

Directions from DAL Airport to the race site - 30 miles, approx. 45 minutes


Directions from DFW Intl Airport to the race site - 36 miles, approx. 48 minutes


Results & Media




2020/2021 Race day results (available post-race)

Will be posted when available at this link. Results are final after 10 days. Awards will not be mailed. Email results' problems or questions to

Email requests to pick up your award to - a window of a few days will be made available for you to come pick it up.



Past Results:

2019/2020 Results (for both December 31, 2019 and January 1, 2020)

2018/2019 Results (for both December 31, 2018 and January 1, 2019)

2017/2018 Results (for both December 31, 2017 and January 1, 2018)

2016/2017 Results (for both December 31, 2016 and January 1, 2017)

2015/2016 Results (for both December 31, 2015 and January 1, 2016)

2014/2015 Results (for both December 31, 2014 and January 1, 2015)

2013/2014 Results (for both December 31, 2013 and January 1, 2014)

2012/2013 Results (for both December 31, 2012 and January 1, 2013)

2011/2012 Results (for both December 31, 2011 and January 1, 2012)

January 1, 2011 Overall Half Marathon Results
January 1, 2011 Age Group Half Marathon Results

For media inquiries, email us.

Media Mentions


Registration & Policies

Register Now

Entry Fees

Wait List


Switching Distances

Bib Transfers



Entry fees are set in tiers so the price goes up as more people register. So sign up fast to pay the lowest entry fee!

This race has a cap for each distance, and the entry fees are structured as pricing tiers based on how full the distance is to capacity.

Learn about the virtual option

Half or Full Marathon EACH DAY - see details on this registration option. Gets a tech shirt AND a medal for each race day (different shirt/medal each day) and makes you eligible for a Challenge Plate if you run certain distances both days. There is no additional charge for the Challenge Plate if you earn one.


First 100: $80 (per race day)
Next 100: $90 (per race day) (current entry fee)
Next 100: $95 (per race day)
Beginning December 28, if not sold out: $100 (per race day)

Pricing tiers are ALWAYS subject to change at any point.

Double 5Ks for Kids Only see details on this registration option. No shirt, still gets the medal/Plate, lower price to help our families. Covers 5K both days.

$30 Each Race Day = $60 per child

5K EACH DAY (for Adults) see details on this registration option. Gets a tech shirt AND a medal for each race day (different shirt/medal each day) and makes you eligible for a Challenge Plate if you run certain distances both days. There is no additional charge for the Challenge Plate if you earn one.

First 100: $45 (per race day)
Next 100: $47.50 (per race day) (current entry fee)
Next 100: $50 (per race day)
Beginning December 28 if not sold out: $50 (per race day)

Double-Double - see details on this registration option. Prices are as shown above and added together. You will get only one race shirt per day - a shirt for the Eve race, and one for the Day race. There is no additional charge for the massive Challenge Plate you also receive if you complete all four races. If you don't finish all four, there is no Challenge Plate given.

Register by October 20th to get your name personalized on your bib. See Perks here...

Wait List

Each distance will have a wait list once a day/distance combo sells out. Preference is always given to currently preregistered participants switching into a day/distance over those on the wait list.

There is no entry fee associated with getting on the wait list. Any processing fee by the registration system is separate, and their charge is to maintain your information in a database and keep your credit card information confidential for the case where you could come off the list.

No one will come off the wait list until the deadline for refunds has passed (December 1). We will then go through the wait list in order by interest for those open day/distance combinations, if any, on December 2 and fill any remaining slots.

We will email you if you come off the wait list, and you will have 24 hours to approve or decline the entry and associated entry fee.

We do not publish or answer how long the wait list is. No one can predict how many refunds we will have requested for each distance and day combo, so knowing how long the list is has no practical use.

We are one of very few races that allow refunds (up until the deadline). Because of that, and the logistics of managing things for an operation run by only one person, transfers and deferrals are not an option.


Refunds will be processed for all those requested through December 1st. Email us to request a refund. Your refund will have an administration fee deducted - one fee per person, regardless of the number of races you are signed up for at this event.

Refunds will be subject to a $15 administration fee until October 1st

Refunds will be subject to a $25 administration fee until November 1st

Refunds will be subject to a $35 admin fee after that until December 1st.
This is a small race production company, and it takes time and effort to process refunds on top of an already long to-do list of race-related items.

FOR 2020: If you think you might have COVID-19, please don't attend - Please stay home if you, anyone in your household, or anyone you have been within 6 feet of has experienced a fever or been diagnosed positive for COVID-19 in the 14 days preceding the race. I want to incentivize people to NOT show up sick. If you have a known COVID-19 exposure, get a fever, or develop a cough before Tuesday, December 29, I will still allow refunds minus the $35 admin fee if you reach out by the end of December 29.

Switching Days/Distances
Down/up-grades/Day changes by existing participants will be accepted until December 28th and only while bibs and medals/plates remain available for that day/distance combo.

Our top priority in the case-by-case decisions to allow distance changes as requested will be to make sure that, no matter your speed, you receive the medal for the distance you signed up to complete, should you complete it. Luckily, in ordering medals, we account in our order for the chance that some people may want to switch. But of course, we can't have 500 entrants all switch to the 5K - there just wouldn't be medals for everyone.

There is a $10 administrative fee for processing day/distance category changes. There is no refund of the difference in entry fees if you switch down to a shorter distance.

TO CLARIFY: A "CHANGE" IS ANY CHANGE TO YOUR REGISTRATION'S DISTANCES OR DAYS. Includes adding a day, or removing longer or shorter distances from a Double-Double entry.

Bib Transfers
Because we have an extensive refund policy where most races offer no refund opportunities, we will not allow bib transfers. After registering, should your plans change, up until the deadlines above, you can

  1. Request a refund in which we will pull off the wait list for the next person if the race is sold out

  2. Switch race distances as long as it can be accommodated

Note that it is never okay to allow someone to else to use your bib. This can lead to serious liability and medical risks in the chance of emergency and jeopardize the future of the event for everyone. Those who give their bib to another and those who are not registered and accept a bib from a registered participant may be subject to future ban from The Active Joe events.

Rules and Items Participants Agree To By Entering Into This Event - failure to follow these can result in disqualification or potential future ban from The Active Joe events:

  • See our Transgender Entrant Policy which applies to all races produced by The Active Joe and seeks to support, include, and protect the privacy of the transgender athletes who attend our races.

  • No Race Day Registration.

  • No dogs or strollers are allowed on the race course.

  • Runners and walkers are both welcome, as long as you can finish your chosen race distance by the time limit! With two days of events, we sadly can’t offer extended course hours. It's already a very long race week, race days, and post-race cleanup for our crew!

  • Registration policies may change at any time as needed for the success of the event.

  • The race course posted online is never considered final and can undergo significant change up until the start of each day's race.

  • Awards not picked up at the award ceremony will not be mailed as they are very fragile.

  • BANDITS (UNREGISTERED PARTICIPANTS) - This is a private event, so unregistered participants are not allowed. "Banditting" (as this action is referred to) is frowned upon in the running community and unfair to the runners who paid for the opportunity to participate. Race entry fees go for a lot more than water on a course, medals at the finish line, and a shirt in your race packet. It also exposes an event to serious liability risk. It stresses race resources that were calibrated for the sold-out number of participants and therefore can put other participants', the paid participants, health or safety at risk. Those who bandit any portion of the race may be banned from future events by The Active Joe.

  • UNREGISTERED PACERS - Unregistered pacers are expressly prohibited in this event. In our definition, an unregistered pacer means a runner who does not have a race entry who joins into the race for at least a mile of the course to help support another runner who is registered. Besides presenting an unfair competitive advantage to one runner, regardless of whether you are a competitive participant or not, it creates a huge traffic issue on the course if this rule is disregarded. Anyone found using an unregistered pacer will be disqualified from the race.

  • USING SOMEONE ELSE'S RACE BIB - Note that it is never okay to allow someone else to use your bib. This can lead to serious liability and medical risks in the chance of emergency and jeopardize the future of the event for everyone.

  • Our primary goal is to provide a safe event for participants, volunteers, and the community alike. If something arises that threatens that safety, then a) the event will be altered as it is reasonably possible without stressing other resources, b) the events may be delayed during the morning, or c) the event may be canceled. The event can not be rescheduled for another date due to resource availability in the event of cancellation.

  • Event shirts not picked up at packet pickup or race day will not be mailed.

*Everything on this website is subject to change up to and including race day.

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