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New Years Double Virtual Option

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Beginning in 2020, in these uncertain times, we now offer a virtual option for all race events.

Run one day, or both days, from your local roads or trails!

How will it work? There will be a 20 day window from December 20-January 10 to complete your registered distances. If you are doing events that earn you a Challenge Plate, you will need to schedule your miles that they can be accomplished on back-to-back days to stay in the spirit of the challenge!

Email us with your “proof” and of course we would love any pictures of your personalized event as well! Any phone app or fancy watch with an ability to measure distance by GPS will work, or provide a picture of the treadmill screen along with your treadmill selfie!

If I sign up for virtual, can I change to in-person later? If we get a "go ahead" where we feel super confident that the race will happen about 30 days before, and we still have room for you in-person that day, you can pay the difference between your virtual entry fee and the current in-person entry fee if you want to switch and come run it with us!!

The entry fee for your virtual race includes:

· Your race shirt.

· Your finisher medal.

· Your Challenge Plate If you are doing multiple races that include a Challenge Plate (no additional charge for this).

· Your race results included on our website.

· Your finish celebrated on our Facebook page and our Instagram

· Shipping cost of all this if in the lower 48 states (US).

Your race swag will all be mailed out as soon as all pieces are available. The earliest will be December 15 but it may be later depending on when shirts and medals arrive.

International, Alaskan, and Hawaiian entrants will require an additional shipping charge, and they will receive an email with the calculated additional cost of mailing.

Entry fees:

· 5K each day: $40

· Half or Full marathon each day: $50

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A past year's medals and Challenge Plates:

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