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2016 Race Series: TWO Runner Medal Recipients at Fairview Half Marathon on April 9, 2016

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

The Active Joe is proud to recognize those Fairview Half Marathon & 5K finishers who also finished New Years Double on New Year’s Day to earn the TWO Runner medal in The Active Joe’s 2016 Race Series. Running is a lifestyle and the most successful runners are consistent. We believe one solution to create accountability and stay consistent is to keep races on your running calendar throughout the year. In the interest of accomplishing that goal, The Active Joe Race Series provides additional incentives and bling to live your running lifestyle as an Active Joe.

These people stayed committed to being an Active Joe. Distance and finish time are not nearly as important as putting on your running shoes and hitting the pavement.

Congratulations to these 99 medal recipients!

Lori Angorin

Angela Krebbs

Monika Arris

Lisa Lisewsky

Jim Austin

Terry Markoff

Michael Austin

Kathy Markoff

Kristy Austin

Jason Mathias

Roxanne Bartelmey

Erin Mattei

Douglas Bell

Gordon McKenzie

Emma Bialowas

Hector Mendez

Jessica Bialowas

Colton Meyers

Dianna Blake

Kim Moncibais

John Black

LaVette Murphy

Eleanor Black

Stacey Palmertree

Steven Bolen

Andrew Pelletier

Mark Breuer

Roger Perry

Mariko Budziak

Shana Perry

Paul Carter

Lisalynne Quinn

Mitzi Cecil

Margo Quinn

Jonathan Celone

Mark Rickabaugh

Cindy Choi

Jack Roe

Juan Cid

Leda Roelke

Deb Conway

Bonita Rogers

Elizabeth Cothran

Elizabeth Ross

Alan Dennis

James Rowland

Kim Dennis

Mindy Rowland

Janet Draper

Tiffany Ruffcorn

Gladys Evans

Amy Russell

Carolina Fernandez

Lisa Saldivar

Tamara Fischer

Brenda Scott

Katrina Foreman

Ginny Selec

Stan Foreman

Deanna Smith

Rebecca Frazier

Jeff Snook

Austin Glennon

Heather Sorenson

Monica Gomez

Brenda Speed

Yadira Gomez

Jan Staley

Gregg Gornes

Shannon Steinman

Barbara Greathouse

Helmut Stepp

Amy Hall

Ethan Stringfellow

Sean Hiatt

Martina Stringfellow

Ceci Higgins

Vicki Tankersley

Jim Higgins

Michelle Teggatz

Hannah Johnson

Lynda Tilley

Tyler Johnson

Mark Trayer

Stephen Johnson

Keri Walton

Starla Johnson

Mark Walton

Cindi Jorgenson

Joanna Weathers

Mark Keefer

Alisha Weis

Krystle Keefer

Claire Wootton

Jessica King

Janelle Wright

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