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Double Marathons, Intermediate Training Plan

The Coach

Adam, The Boring Runner, is an RRCA certified running coach, 1:29 half marathoner, and 3:04 marathoner. Adam specializes in coaching runners at all levels from beginner to Boston Qualifier who realize that training for races is serious but should always be fun. When not boring his friends/family/strangers on the street/2 year old son/house plants/ about marathon training plans, he blogs at

Adam is accepting new clients if you are looking for a run coach to help you achieve your goals - be that finishing a new distance or breaking through a training plateau.

Adam wants people to feel free to contact him with questions about this plan.

Contact Adam via his website or via email here.

Intro to the Plan

The intermediate marathon-marathon training plan is focused on runners who have previous marathon training background.  The goal is to finish strong during both marathons with an emphasis on feeling okay the next week – and more importantly, staying upright for all 52.4 miles!  In general, the emphasis is to learn how to run on fatigued legs and get into the mindset of not being 100% fresh. That is, not only getting the muscles to adapt to the idea and then mentally getting adapted to the idea to get moving again the next day. 

The intermediate plan focuses on 50-60% of total mileage on the weekend with some speedwork during the week to help increase VO2 max and increase overall running economy.  There is an optional spot for the Dallas White Rock Marathon and/or a Turkey Trot 10k.  If you are not planning on running the Dallas White Rock marathon, replace with a 22 mile long run.

Prior to starting this plan one should have a 35 mile per week base and have ran speedwork during a prior marathon training plan.  Speedwork paces are as follows:

  • 800s at 5K pace

  • 1600s at 10K pace with 800 recovery

  • 3200s at 15K pace with 1600 recovery

  • Strides: Any run with strides, run 95% effort (3K pace) for 100m with 800m recovery.  Do this 10 times.

  • Tempo Runs: Warm up a mile and cool down mile at your long run pace.  Middle tempo miles at half marathon pace

  • General Aerobic Runs: These should be 45-60 seconds slower than marathon pace

  • Long Slow Runs: These should be 90 seconds slower than your normal marathon pace

The Plan

Words of Caution

You accept this training plan at your own risk. You understand that any fitness plan should not be undertaken without the guidance and supervision of your doctor. These plans are provided as a tool for general guidance.

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