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New Years Double: How it Works

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Marathon (26.2 miles), Half Marathon (13.1 miles), and 5K (3.1 miles) are offered on both New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. The 5K happens start to finish before the half and full marathon so people can further "double up" by running two races each morning to earn more medals! On both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, we offer the following distances:

  • Marathon – 4 loops of the 6.55-mile course

  • Half Marathon – 2 loops of the 6.55-mile course

  • 5K – a shortened version of the loop course

The 5K starts and ends before the start of the half and full marathon to ease on-course congestion, allow families to participate more easily, and allow some truly crazy participants to complete two distances (5K and half or full marathon) each race day because more miles equals more fun! So there are many options for participating over the two days. You pick and choose if you want to do a combo of events over the two days to earn one of 3 types of BIG New Years Double Challenge Plates, in addition to your individual finisher medals. The following video is an example of the medals & challenge plates (theme changes yearly), explained in much better detail below...

  • Double "At Least 13.1 Miles" (Double Half Marathons, Double Full Marathons, or Half Marathon one day and Full Marathon the other)

  • Double 5K's

  • Double Double- Double 5Ks and Double Half Marathons, or Double 5K's and Double Marathons

  • 5K one day and Half or Full Marathon the other day (no Challenge Plate)

  • Single day entry (5K, Half Marathon, or Full Marathon) (no Challenge Plate)


Combinations Double "At Least 13.1 Miles" - Double Half Marathons, Double Full Marathons, or Half Marathon one day and Full Marathon the other - These participants are completing at least 13.1 miles each day. With several months planning, there are many of you out there who CAN train to complete this Challenge. Half Fanatics enjoy the double half marathons to level up their Fanatic status, and Marathon Maniacs enjoy the double full marathons to level up their Maniac status. Ultramarathoners enjoy using the races as training for a longer distance event where a second day's long run on tired legs is excellent training. And everyone who does this loves getting the large Half-Full Challenge Plate we give for all those who accept and complete the Challenge of big distance to end one year and to start the next!

Double 5Ks - Our 5K is very popular with families. Children as young as 4 have done the double 5Ks to earn their medals and Double 5K Challenge Plates! It encourages them to get active, shows them the fun of a race environment, and is a great family activity. The Double 5K Challenge Plate is a smaller plate than those doing at least 13.1 miles each day.

It's also a great challenge for those new to running and walking. Train to complete a 5K two days in a row, and it might even inspire you to pursue double half marathons for next year! We have a special, LOWER entry fee available for children doing double 5Ks. For most of them, they aren't interested in the race shirt and are most excited for the medals and Challenge Plate, so we remove the shirt and lower the price in the Kids entry version! Keeping it more affordable for families! Double Double - A certain amount of entries are available for the "crazies" (don't worry, our Race Director is one of you too!) who want to do a Double Double - Double 5Ks and then Double "At Least 13.1 Miles" (half or full marathon each day). Because the 5K is run before the half and full marathon start each day, you can actually compete in 2 races each day. That's a choice over two days of completing

  • 32.4 miles (3.1 + 3.1 + 13.1 + 13.1),

  • 45.5 miles (3.1 + 3.1 + 13.1 + 26.2), or

  • 58.6 miles (3.1 + 3.1 + 26.2 + 26.2),

AND take home 4 medals and a special huge Double-Double Challenge Plate that holds all 4 medals for the achievement! You will still get one tech shirt for Eve AND one tech shirt for Day, even though you are running 4 races. 2 race days = 2 shirts. Though you are getting less shirts, you're counting much more BLING, and this is included already in the entry fee determination.

5K one day and Half or Full Marathon the other day - Many will want to participate each day to recognize ending the year and starting the next one the active way. But maybe doing at least 2 half marathon distances doesn't work for their training schedule or lifestyle! Participants can sign up for this combo and receive a medal and shirt for each day. PLEASE NOTE: There is no Challenge Plate for this combination. Single day entry 5K, half marathon, or full marathon - You still get a shirt and a medal for your finish that day. But of course, you can't get the very special Challenge Plates unless you run both days!!

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