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New Years Double Beneficiary

Since January 2011, the Allen Parks Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation, will receive a portion of the proceeds of this event. To date, the APF has received over $32,000 from the New Years Double event!


The primary purpose of the Allen Parks Foundation:

  • To assist the City of Allen and governmental partners, local groups and organizations in enhancing the overall park system and recreational facilities through expanded development of parks and recreational programming 

  • To accept land, bequests, rights of way, and other donations to further the mission of the Foundation

  • To support and improve the recreational opportunities in the park system which enhances the community and the citizen's quality of life

Allen Parks Foundation Projects

The City of Allen is widely known as having one of the best parks systems in the region. In accordance with our mission, the Allen Parks Foundation has successfully secured charitable contributions from various corporations and other entities for use in enhancing the parks and recreation system.

One of the first projects after the Allen Parks Foundation was formed can be seen right there at the race site, right at Celebration Park. It’s the large kidMania playground!

The Allen Parks Foundation led the effort with the construction of the kidMania playground located in Celebration Park near Malone Road and Angel Parkway. kidMania is a volunteer, community-built playground that is widely regarded as the largest handicap-accessible playground in the State of Texas. 

The Allen Parks Foundation raised over $100,000 in private donations and over $80,000 in grants in order to fund the construction.  In addition, the community-build aspect of the project brought together the entire citizenry, working side-by-side with City Staff, for this unique project. 

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